Why Amos & Josh Went Different Ways

In Kenya,surviving in a music group for a long time is one of the challenges that has seen many promosing and established music groups break.

Amos & Josh
Amos & Josh

We have seen many groups that have gown down due to many reasons. Amos & Josh is likely to be going to that end too. The 2013 Tusker Project Fame finalist,are having a split and this is due to person reasons.

While on an interview in on Hot 96,Josh (who now goes by the name Manio) broke the disappointing news to their fans. He revealed that they were parting ways because his counterpart {Amos} ditched secular music to sing gospel music.

Josh Manio

While launching his solo song,he however, said they got a whole album and hence Amos & Josh will not break completely. Amos will be doing gospel music as Josh will be singing any song he feels like.

I wish the boys good luck.