Why Alikiba Had To Divorce his Kenyan Wife

Alikiba again has been the talk of town after his latest failed marriage with his Kenyan bae.

Stories online have it that Alikiba parted ways with his wife because of kiba’s brothers.

According to East Africa Tv Plus+ post,Alikiba’s wife Amina Khalifa had issues with her brothers in-law and mother in law.

Apparently Amina Khalef had been looking forward to living like a celebrity’s wife only to realize that Alikiba preferred hosting his entire family; which then led to the complications in their marriage.

Well, Alikiba and his Kenyan wife are said to have divorced following their differences. Ms Amina couldn’t stand the fact that Alikiba’s siblings and fellow artists were living in her home; but Alikiba seems to have had other plans!