Singer Akothee has been dating Nelly Oaks for almost two years now and has flaunted him on social media several times. But after Lilian Muli was heavily trolled for splitting with Jared Ombongi,
Akothee has confessed that posting her bae on social media is now a thing of the past.

Nyimbo mpya

She took to social media to say that the problem with posting your lover on social media is that you are afraid of what people will say upon learning that you have broken up.

“The problem with posting your love life on social media is that, when you want to break up, apart from you thinking of how painful it will be, you are also thinking of what fans will say, and they
actually demand for clarification. I will never post a man I am dating again on social media, just to be safe” wrote Akothee.

Akothee Kenya

The mother of five explained that sharing your love life on social media demands a lot and therefore she has resolved to lay low and enjoy life away from the public eye. She asked people to stop judging others because this is something that has been happening even in the past.

“Your mother broke up with your father, got married to several men, even have a child with your uncle ! she has never even pointed out to you who fathered you and has never settled till to date, but she is your Hero, somebody’s daughter has been struggling with several failed relationships till date she is a whore,
your sister is dating a rich man, it’s a blessing in your family, somebodys daughter is married to a rich man & living well , she is a gold digger right, now do this, #CALPOLIS, or come beat all the WHORES AND THE DIG GOLDERS, I will only stay in a healthy relationship, anything that tampers with my peace and happiness is TBT even if I am dating 50 cent with all his fame, love doesnt
recognise fame or money , unless its fake Kama mbaya mbaya, tembeza kiatu” wrote Akothee.

Source : Ghafla