What You Need To Know About Diamond Platnumz Official Videographer

Lukamba joins wasafi

Lukamba is the official Diamond Platnumz videographer. He travels alongside Diamond whenever he goes just to capture the moments and take good pictures for his fans.

Lukamba was a rapper. But he never went far with this career. This us because he felt in love with what the producer was doing and wanted to learn the skills.

Lukamba is a good actor. This is his real passion. And you have to know that he loves taking roles in horror movies. This is despite having many characters roles that he can play. The saddest part is when he lost almost everything after investing in the movie industry.

At one point he was a producer. Way back he recorded for his longtime friend Lava Lava a song,Gunju Ndagi. One project with Lava Lava is what made him get noticed with Diamond Platnumz. His works is what made him get access to Wasafi Records.

He is now a manager, he manages Dudu Baya. In the near future, Lukamba wants to produce short films.

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