What Mimi Mars Learnt From Vanessa Mdee & Jux Relationship

Vanessa Mdee and Jux have been serving the best couple goals in Tanzania. They got admiration from the entire East Africa. From touring the world together, singing together and performing shows together.

Though they had an on/off relationship they seemed to do very fine till their recent break up. As usual,many had it that the two artists will be back together. To the contrary, Juma Jux introduced to us his new Chinese Bae! Jux had already moved on,poor Vanessa only option was to cry and wish it was a bad dream she was in.

Vanessa’s little sister during a recent interview shared what she had learnt from her sisters relationship. Firstly, she will not be in a relationship with a popular person. This is because of the tension she saw her sister’s relationship had. Lastly, Mimi Mars said her relationship won’t be in public at all cost.