What Kidis The Jembe Wants From A Music Management Label

Big percentage is what Kidis looks for in a management company. The coastal artist has been being managing himself for long now.

For the Jembe,he wants a manager or a management label that will take a percentage of between 15%-20% of total cash generated. Since he is the company and the brand on market.

Previously he was signed at GrandPa studio for a contract of 3 years and couldn’t go for more than 8 months. And he was the first one to leave and break the contract with the label. While speaking in an interview with Mwende and Clemmo of radio Maisha,Kidis said he signed a contract to split revenue at 60-40% with the management but,something fishy was going on behind the scenes.

For music Royalties his management was pocketing 60% of the total cash while the artist having the 40% share.