Wataachana Tu!!! Tiger Blastars Break Up Rumors with his Fiancée

Three months ago, Tiger Blastars the founder of Blastars Empire and her fiancée were making boss moves as the adorable couple in town. Apart from being young and rich they were also couple goals setting the pace for those in love and wagging tongues in social media thus the envy of many.

It all started with adorable pictures of their relationship and engagement followed by vacations to various places trending on social media. A close friend to the two lover birds gave us a hint that the two will be getting married late this year.

As expected, Kenyans and the entire netizens community had something to say with their popular phrase, hawa wataachana tu!!- And guess what? It’s less than a year and the two seem to be apart.

Our recent research and observation in all of Tiger Blastars social media accounts shows no proof of their relationship something that he used to share with all his fans. Our source revealed that Tiger Blastars has been spotted lately drinking till late.

Our attempts to reach Tiger Blastars for clarification bore no fruits since all his calls seems to be going on voice mail. Is he having a hard time to deal with the break up or is he stressed? On the other hand her fiancée seems to be doing great and shining with her marvelous glow.

It is also alleged that Tiger has been trying to contact close friends for advice about their break up since his wife to be has not been picking his calls for some time now.

It’s hard to assume but the break up might be the cause of his disappearance from the limelight. However, we both know it hurts but living with pain is something anyone can adapt to. Keep checking our site for more updates on how Tiger Blastars will recover from this break up and continue running his business.