Mungai eve and her boyfriend director Trevor lied to Kenyans that they do make ksh.1.5 million views per month. This caused a heated debate online and I had to dive onto it.

Nyimbo mpya

Youtuber Lizz Ricky Extra on her channel detected the lies that Mungai Eve was peddling. She starts by stating the first ever paycheck the two received was $100 and it took a while to reach. This is the first payment that google AdSense sends as it is their minimum payment threshold.

Lizz Ricky goes and to say that Mungai Eve allegation of monetizing their content in a week is a fat lie.
Lizz goes on to use a social blade, a site by google team that helps track YouTube statistics. By the time she was doing her investigative job on 2nd July 2021, Mungai Eve had a total of 178k subscribers and 300k view rank worldwide. With that statistics Mungai is estimated to make $1.6k – $26k monthly.