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I wrote a post last time here that Female Artist Lack Content. That piece never settled well with many of my fans. But that’s was credible criticism.

So I happen to land on one particular post by Vivian. She is one of the celebrated singer we got in Kenya. However, making it to top was not easy. In her post,she narrates her hard life she went through. She was physically and sexually abused with influential men in the entertainment industry! Some people out here lack work ethic. Imagine one taking advantage of you because of some favour? That’s what our Chum Chum singer underwent.

Well Vivian opens up what many female artists go trough when trying to achieve their dreams. And this starts right from the audio producer,video director, marketing agent, presenters and all sort of guys you meet while chasing your dream. There is no shortcut to success. Some say, success is not sexually transmitted,so one has to work legally for it.

As a word of encouragement, Vivi advises female artists not to give up soon. Its not the right time yet. That your future is brighter than you could ever imagine.