Hailing from Nyamira County,Vicky young Ensanako is the most talked urban artist in Gusii land. His style of music and content delivery is something worth listening to. Coming from a generation of respected legendary benga artists, it’s not a surprise why he ditched his priesthood calling and chose music. Despite having attended a seminary highschool.

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Vicky has always believed in himself since his childhood days. His love for music saw him record his first song while in class eight back in Kisii Primary School. Though his father knew his kid was talented in music, he never wanted him to pursue it as a career. Believing that fame couldn’t allow the young star to continue with his studies.

Hitting in Kenya industry is not a walk in the park. There’s more than just an artist’s vocals. For Vicky Young it was the same case. Twarwarwa by Vekta,Babu Gee Omosayansi and Mc Miggy Echambioni made the Chinkondi singer think otherwise. That an artist can also rise to fame singing urban benga music. He dived in the niche minus a second thought.

Gusii To The World is a coined term that many young stars from entire Kisii Region are spreading. This has enabled the likes of Vicky Young get massive support from home and abroad. Believe you me that non of vicky young songs is trash. Someone who gets inspired by his life story, real life happenings and not always following emerging topics to trend,will always give clean and relevant song.


Almost every big artist from entire gusii region has done a project with Vivky Young. As a young artists out there, you can as well land to do a collabo with him. It’s free but, you better have that talent. That’s is what basically Ensanako looks at first. Someone with strong passion in music. However, the collabo must have good content to serve both artists fans or introduce him to a new fan base.

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