Will Rotimi & Vanessa Mdee Stick Together For Long?

Vanessa Mdee love with Rotimi is on the trending celebrities gossip in East Africa block and other african gossip charts. Will their love last ?

The two have been rolling out and visiting different parts of the world showing they love for each other. At a given point Vee Money made Rotimi say they are not leaving each other in Swahili, Hatuachani!

Rotimi on the other side has assured haters that the two are not breaking up any time soon.

Vanessa Hau Mdee age

The Kisela singer is now concentrating on her love. She terms that this is the perfect time to concentrate on enjoying life. This is after hustling for many years without rest. With Rotimi in the picture, he is the perfect person for her.

She got a good lover who is scrubbing her heart in the best way.

Vanessa mdee boyfriend