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Untimely Division Within P Unit Starts To Crawl

Untimely Division Within P Unit Starts To Crawl

P Unit group has been serving us timeless hits back to back. The group that comprises of Frasha,Gabu and Bon’Eye has been in the front line of Genge Music since it’s inception by Genge Godfather, Nonini.

Last week,P-Unit released Hop Step featuring Jackson Makini Ngechu alias Prezzo. Notably, Bon-Eye was missing in the project.

Reached out by Mambo Mseto,Frasha defended Bon’Eye absence in the track citing that he had pressing business issues.

P Unit is a registered company. In this particular joint, we had a vibe while at Kompakt Records together with Prezzo. Due to his tight schedule, he didn’t make it to the project.

Adding that P Unit don’t break. Anyone can do his own songs and still come back to the group.

We work how we feel not necessarily that we are all of us in a song.

Contrary, Bon-Eye when reached for clarification, declined to comment on the issue raising a red flag on Frasha’s sentiment. He did promise that P Unit will be releasing a massive project on 8th July and also his own project is on the way.

I won’t talk about Hop Step for now it’s an internal affair.

As much as this is not the first time am witnessing a rift between Bon’Eye and the rest of the group,I have to wait and see what P-Unit has in store for us next month.

In the past,we have seen Frasha and Gabu doing solo projects and also being in various collabos. Something that Bon’Eye is exceptional.

Bon’Eye has sticked with Musyoka of Decimal working with Brian Nadra and Konkodi. On the other hand Gabu is heavily into Kompakt Records headed by Steve Ogechi. Frasha is more into Machakos politics under youths department.


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