Truth About Nyota Ndogo Divorce Rumours

Nyota Ndogo faced criticisms even from some members of her own family from the very day she got married to her Danish husband Henning Nielsen.

Two years have passed since Nyota Ndogo and Nielsen exchanged vows and clearly some people are still waiting for their divorce.

The Coast based singer was forced to address claims she had been dumped by her husband after she failed to post their photos together for a long time.

“Jana nimeulizwa kama nimeachana na mume wangu maana kitambo hatujaachana but hilo swali nikama kuna watu wananiesabia siku zakuachana..anyway bado,” wrote Nyota Ndogo.

Nyota Ndogo and husband dated for two years before they finally got married. The two lovebirds had been married before, Nyota was married to Mombasa music producer K-Shot whom she has two children with while Nielsen also had a wife whom he divorced.

At the time of their wedding in May 2016, Nyota Ndogo had been separated from her ex husband for 8 years while Nielsen had been a divorcee for 24 years.

Credits . Ghafla Kenya