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His music was banging every corner. Heavily on rotations in different stations. Little did we know TJ Mario Kasela alias Trio Mio was just sixteen years! The last born in a family of two boys and two girls had just gotten the attention of Kenya at large with his hit song Cheza Kama Wewe.

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Trio Mio was a name given by his elder brother BigTing AP who also happens to an artist. Growing up in Umoja 1 was not easy. Especially being brought up by a single mother. According to his mother, the young sensational rapper is a miracle to her. She decided to name him Thank you Jesus for having him. He has grown to be a prayer worrier just like his mother. Believing that one day things will change in their family.

Trio Mio Family
BigTing AP

His inborn talent and can be traced back to his parents. Having a mother who is a good choir member and a dad playing in band. Truly their genes were passed to their kids now that 3 of them are in the music industry.

The young rapper always grew up looking upto the OG Khaligraph Jones. He constantly reminded his teachers that he wanted to be like the Punguza Kasheshe rapper. Previously he has been to Khaligraph Jones’s studio and did a fire freestyle together. As fortune has it,the two have a surprise project for their fans.

Going by Trio Mio latest interview with Lynn Ngugi,his mother cum manager plays a major role in his life. This includes reviewing character of the artist her son is going to do a collabo with and also the content of the project. She has also go further to enroll him to melody classes.

Trio mio biography
Trio Mio (TUKO)

As times goes,hw would like to work with few artists in the industry:Silverstone Bars,Bey T,Sauti Sol and Nyashinski just to name a few.

Trio Mio Parents
BigTing AP & Tri Mio
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