For anyone who loves music, they can actually describe it as a way of living. Music tends to express the societal problems and real life situations in a rhythm hence giving you the chance to communicate with the artists through their vibes.

However sometimes we tend to acknowledge the artists forgetting the beat creators and producers behind the tracks. Here is the list of the most expensive producers in the country who charge a dime for their work.

  1. Magix Enga

Popularly known as the Beat King has been reigning the music industry with his club banger instrumentals since the year started. He has managed to work with some of the prominent artists in Kenya including Timmy T dat and Otile Brown.

  1. Cedo

He started by working with Sauti Sol and at a time was also a fully-fledged producer at Pacho Entertainment before deciding to do his solo work and help individual artists. He is good with Piano as evident in some of his work such as Malaika which he produced for Nyashisnki.


  1. Ulopa Ngoma


Ulopa has a legendary history of producing club banger hits topping the list with songs such as Wabe and Eish. His services are magnificent hence charge quite a fortune for delivery.

  1. iLogos Music

He is aproducer working with Pacho Entertainment and the guy behind hits like 4Mulla and Adabu by Del aft H-ART the BAND.

  1. Naiboi

He is a producer/ artist working with Pacho Entertainment and currently the C.E.O of the label

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