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All of us might be aware that there is Covid-19 with us,but not everyone is putting on efforts to fight the virus. I happened to see photo’s of what happened during the shooting of Wote Wazuri and all I can say,we got a long way to go in the fight of global pandemic. Our numbers are rising because of our silly behaviors.

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An incident that happened last week during the video shoot of Wote Wazuri by Brown Mauzo ft Timmy Tdat that got my attention.

Timmy Tdat is that bad guy that most ladies want to roll with. The past week his name has been trending for the bad reasons.
This is after a behind the scenes clip of Timmy Tdat touching Quinter video found its way online. It sparked heated debate online that is still unsettled. There were two arguments about the the clip. How artistes don’t respect vixens and how vixens are cheap.

Despite his unruly behavior,Timmy is less concerned about the incident. Same case to Quinter.

From my poit of view,Quinter directed Timmy’s hand to her cookie jar. Being Timmy,he rubs it with excitement. So is there a disrespect of ladies herr or sexual abuse?

Many things happened during the shoot and thats why they are left behind the scenes and good content reach to your screens.

Being a video vixen is lucrative business if handled well. Artistes also should do their work with top notch professionalism.