Timmy Tdat Cut His Dreadlocks To Prove A Point

Towards the end of last year,Timmy Tdat shocked his fans after cutting down his dreadlocks. They had become a trademark since his entrance to the industry. This goes back to his time in Pacho.

Timmy has come out to explain why he had to change his hairstyle. In a recent interview with Mwende Macharia and Klemmo,the rapper had a whole story about his dreadlocks story.

Change. As an artist one needs change. Now that almost every artist has dreadlocks, Td@ decided to do away with them. To kill the monotonous.

Timmy Tdat

Another reason why Dus Nyau rapper shaved was in line with script under his new song Hapa featuring Ssaru. About working with gengetone queen,Timmy terms Ssaru as a gifted artists who understands herself well. She was the most qualified artist to fit in the song. In additional to that, he had been requested a number of times with fans to work with her.

However, deep meaning about cutting his dreadlocks lies under confidence issue. One day the rapper was confronted and told minus money and the dreadlocks, he is not handsome. He had to take them down to prove wrong the narrative.

Timmy will have dreadlocks again if necessary. This is a matter of time.

Tdat Cup

Last year Timmy Tdat started Td@t tournament which many celebrities graced. The event took place in the rapper’s hood in Kasabun,Baba Dogo during his birthday. With the reception the tournament got, Timmy has revealed that the event will be an annual thing.

Supporting idle youth in the streets and guiding them from vices. According to Tdat,that is the best and most special  way to celebrate his birthday. The tournament is helping in paying schools fess and also naturing talents like music and football.

Timmy Tdat attended the same school with Sosuun,Anointed High School. He was in charge of environment while Sura Ya Kazi rapper wa the head girl. Both artists were in ICU where by they led other students to worship every morning.