Gengetone is here to stay,and you have no reason to hate it. That’s a typical Kenyan sound. These kids have the energy and the aura to push Kenyan content forward.

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I don’t know what the likes of Jalang’o and Maina Kageni think about the current Kenyan music wave! But at least the west African music is not dominating the airwaves.

If you listen to Mtoto Mzuri Remix by Nonini & Boby Mapesa you will know that gengetone wave is nothing new in Kenya,it’s our originality. Boby Mapesa,P Unit,Nonini,and many genge artists back then used to sing what the likes of Ochungulo Family,Ethic Entertainment and Sailors are singing currently.

After all,kenya we are faced with many problems to deal with. We have enough content to consume and not necessary being forced by mainstream media what to take in!

Legends in the industry have given their assent on the current generation of artists. They include;Elani,Nameless and many others.