The Don is one of the best music promoters in Kenya. He has worked with several artists in Kenya and hosted many successful events across the country.

Nyimbo mpya

Having being in the entertainment industry for long,he knows much about making hits. And speaking via a phone call with Mambo Mseto,The Don gave tips to artists on making a hit.

1. Idea

Bring in an idea that’s unique. This can be possible if you know your target audience.

Driving a good song title that’s catchy blends well after you have had a brilliant idea in place.

2. Hook

Having a lyrical hook. Play along with words that will stick to with your fans for long. Know the right choice of words to use.

Give your fans the best hook that will have them sing along to your song. You will watch your song become a hit.

3. Melody

A hit song has a killer melody. Thats undebatable!

4. Mastering

Finally,have your producer do for you a good mastering. Go for the best producer who will master your song and deliver a masterpiece for you!