Tanash Donna Is Not Under Forced Quarantine


Tanasha Donna was trending after she attended a party on Friday. Kenyan government warned it’s citizens from any form of social gathering. Also it imposed a curfew that starts from 1900 hours to 5.00 am. This was in it’s effort to combat the spread of Covid-19.

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Tanasha shared via insta stories a video of her driving through Nairobi city past curfew hours. Moments later he posted clips at the party she attended. At the party it was evident that social distance was not observed. Gospel singer Ringtone was also at the party.

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Later on fake news started doing rounds that the mother of one was on a forced quarantine under her own expenses. Afterwards she was to be charged accordingly.

During a recent live session on IG, Tanasha Donna refuted the rumours as fake news. She advised her fans to stay away from fake news. She is not under quarantine.

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