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Gengetone Sailors Gang Member Leaves Group To Gospel Industry

Lexxy Young a member of gengetone group,Sailors Gang has left the group. Noy to go solo but he has changed his own genre of music. Via his Instagram page...

Otile Ft Alikiba Song Setting The Pace

Otile Brown Ft Alikiba

2 Kenyan Artists With Most Subscribers On YouTube

Musicians with most subscribers in Kenya


2 Artists Dump Alikiba’s Kings Music Records Label

Today two artists who have been working closely under Alikiba's record label have gone solo. Via their Instagram pages,Cheed and Killy issued their statements. Cheed insisted that from today onwards he ceases to be Kings...

How Bensoul Sampled Lang’ Katalang’ Wagwan Song To Make Extravaganza Hit

I don't know if creating is a thing of the past or that sampling is the new trend. I happen to listen to some two tracks one done by Lang' Katalang' and the other one...