Unlike many artistes that are finding it hard to make ends meet during this covid-19 pandemic, Coast artiste Susumila is doing just fine. He seems not widely affected.

Susumila despite missing the freedom of movement, everything is good to him. He has managed to survive in the current economy strain by utilizing his savings well. Many artistes have faced a blow with no money to sustain them currently since no shows are forthcoming. That’s why I always insist that once you start making money,save a portion it will come in handy during a rainy day.

The Sonona singer side hustle also is not affected by the corona virus thing. Remember many business have closed and many people rendered jobless.

Finally Susumila is surviving on royalties . Well according to the singer,he receives substantial cash. Good music is rewarded accordingly.

Currently in conjunction with the County Government of Mombasa,Susumila is helping in distribution of food relief.