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Most youths wish to fly abroad especially to America. Talk about all that glamour we see on TV and the perspective that it’s the dream country for everyone.

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Our very own Stivo Simple Boy is on the list of the many persons who wish to elope to America. For him,he will have the best opportunity to meet with many stars and end up working with them. This will only be possible is the likes of Lil Wayne ,Chris Brown and others will be interested too.

Stivo Simple Boy love for Nicki Minaj rap flow is unmatched. If possible, he will do his collabo with Nicki while in America. The singer likes the rappers skills but,sadly he doesn’t understand what she raps about. For those who aren’t aware,because of some challenges, the Vijana Tuwache Mihadarati singer never completed his studies.

Currently Stivo song Simpo Simpo that he was featured with Vivian is doing well. The guy might be filling out his green card lottery under warps..