Steven Ogechi Leads In Bosamaro Ward MCA Survey Report

2022 is an election year and as expected many politicians have started rearranging themselves. “Cleaning their houses” , holding their cards tightly and ready to toss their dices. Among them is Steven Ogechi Babu of the famous record label Kompakt Recordz.
The business mogul is aspiring to be elected as Member Of County Assembly in Bosamaro Ward,West Mogirango Constituency,Nyamira County.

According to a recent survey that was conducted, Babu is leading the pack. He is the horse to bet on. An independent firm that run the survey showed that if polls were to be held today,Steve Ogechi would emerge victorious by 87%. Keganda would come second with 63 %. Nyaechero a former nominated councillor would get 45 % of the votes while Gisemba a former councillor would pull 4% of the votes. Other interested candidates like Ombori ,Arita,Otwori who are porpular among old generation are yet to declare there candidature publicly.

Bosamaro Ward
Recent Statistics From Bosamaro Ward

Out of 10 people who were interviewed, 7 were rooting for a youthful leader conversant with digital space and technology dynamics. The age gap of the interviewed eligible voters being between 18 years to 60 years.
Nyamira like any other part of Kenya,the youth form the large population. Babu being a youthful leader doesn’t come as a surprise by the recent statics. That aside, he has been doing commendable job at the grassroot level. Helping the youth and also the less privileged in Bosamaro Ward. He has held numerous football tournaments for the youth to showcase their talents to the world. Helping stakeholders in the sports industry to spot them and nature them.

With his Kompakt Recordz Studio,Ogechi has mentored many ambitious and talented artists realize their dreams. Giving them a platform to record their music in a state of the art studio.
In the boda boda sector which employs majority of the youth from Bosamaro Ward, Babu has empowered a number of them and he is on a mission to reach out to as many boda boda riders as possible. Trying to bring sanity in the sector and curate ways on how the riders can earn meaningful wages and change their lifes.

The numerous fundraising he has officiated in churches across Bosamaro ward puts him a step ahead of his closet worthy competitor Keganda,whose dominance is in the Seventh Day Adventist churches. This has enabled him to secure populace amongst religious people especially women who are majority church goers.

Steve Ogechi Babu
Steven Ogechi ‘Babu’

With Ogechi involvement in core curricular activities,his leadership is put on test. If the recent survey that was conducted is anything to go about,then the future is brighter for him. Triumphing with a landside win will be the order of the day.