Singer Vivian Depth Details On Female Artistes Music Inconsistent

We have witnessed inconsistent in Kenyan female artistes. Either they start well and disappear or they start from secular, turn to gospel music and finally go missing.

Mambo Mseto caught up singer Vivian to expound her ideas on the matter. On things that she talked about was emotional strength. She termed lack of emotional strength affects most ladies and their music career.

Getting into poor relationship was another factor Vivian highlighted about lack of consistency from female artistes. She agrees that relationship play a great role in any woman. Without stable relationship where your partner understands what you do,then concentration in music is affected. A good number of artistes have been trapped here. The case is worse if both partners are in the entertainment industry.

The Chum Chum singer also shared that most female artistes hold grudges for long. Well even though we got various beefs with males artistes,they do capsize with time. With most ladies,it lasts for long.

Another key issue that the mother of one shared with Mzazi was about guidance and mentorship. Many female artistes are indecisive. This leads to them either being taken advantage of or taking poor decision upon their careers.

Well we have know what ails our sisters in the industry and it’s upon our entertainment stakeholders to support where might be required. Captain Vivi finally urges all ladies to be principled.