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Singer Adasa The Outshining Coast Artist

Singer Adasa The Outshining Coast Artist

She is highly favoured just like what her name suggests. Esther was born and raised in Mombasa. Her journey towards music is something she never took by surprise. Adasa has been singing way back in church and at school since 7 years.

Raising fast has been backed by the various audition and numerous competition she has participated. Some of them include Talanta Mtaani.

Adasa biography have her as an amazing dancer who commands her crowd whenever she is on stage. She is one of the best untapped performers from coast region.

One week after highschool she got into job where she was pocketing $40 monthly. She was a shop attendant.

From a failed safaricom audition,Adasa landed a life changing deal. She currently sings in a top hotel in Mombasa Pride Inn,where she shares that her income had tripled. Music pays!

adasa dasa - nipekeche
Adasa On Stage

Adasa likes Nadia Mukami because of how she has put much in her work. Despite having confidence,Adasa got some good voice though many compare her with Nandy. I think that with her young age,the sky is the limit.

Currently Adasa is ruling the airwaves with her song Nipekeche.

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