Sauti Sol are the best musicians of our generation. The boy band has put Kenyan Music industry in the map. Much appreciation has to be given to those guys. They have served us with hits after hits.

Nyimbo mpya

We all know how many people out here especially celebrities live a fake life,do you recal Kobi Kihara? For sauti sol,their case is different.

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol gave their fans a promise . The promise was that they would be releasing a new project each and every month. Sounded an easy task for them,then.

Things never went down as it was planned. So they had to give reasons to the failed promised. Surprisingly, instead of giving the false reasons of tight schedules,trips,blah blah blah like other struggling artists,they simply said they were hell broke!

You will never hear any Kenyan artist saying he/she is broke easily. Well now we know why Sauti Sol never released music monthly. We believe them.

Most of their production works needs big investment and at yes hitting the line of releasing a track every month is not a walk in the park.

But 2019 has started well for Sauti Sol. Already they have done two collabos,one with Tofaan and another one with Vanessa Mdee.