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Sad As Fena Gitu Album Is Attended By 4 Artists

Sad As Fena Gitu Album Is Attended By 4 Artists

I wonder if the Kenya industry will march forward of they don’t support each other. Artists have now become like Mpigs who are together fighting for royalties but not support their own projects (maybe).

Fena Gitu is a sad artist and she unleashed her anger via twitter. This is after only four artists showed up during Fena Gitu album launch. It’s a sad state of affairs because she also noticed very few artists at Elani’s album listening part,which was free by the way.Surely with the numbers of artists we have in the industry, only four, and one of them is her close friend? This makes me think of Diamond Platnumz,Nandy and Yemi Alade . These artists all had successful album launched in Kenya, a second home to them,far away from their mother country. Do it mean a prophet is not welcomed at his home?

KENYAN ARTISTS BARELY SHOW UP FOR FELLOW ARTISTS. There were like 4 artists (one who is my best friend so it doesn’t count) at my listening party, and a handful last night @elanimuziki’s listening party. Na tunataka fans watusupport. Anyway, album ni ya mafans, ama?

Fena Gitu has been consistent for more than a year now after her long break from the industry and its sad that we can’t show her the respect she deserves. However, I like her spirit. She does music for the fans and not fellow artists. For the records, only Rapper Fena and Naiboi were two of the artists present.

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