Ringtone Should Just Embrace Celibacy


Last time I highlighted how Ringtone’s attitude will not see him wife any lady. After his social media and public stunts failing to make any lady fall for him,The Pamela hitmaker has taken his mission to mainstream media.

Ringtone was in some interview and he continued to share the kind of a woman he is busy looking every possible area.

Seems like Ringtone is not looking for a wife. How can you want a woman who will be praying for 5 hours non stop everyday? Damn! Some of these gospel artists will make us burn in hell if we follow what they tell us sometimes.

“Prayer is an important pillar in a family. I would want a woman who prays for at least 5 hours, speaks in tongues without stopping. I pray for more than 5 hours, approximately 8 to 9 hours and that is why I am successful right now. I have succeeded due to prayers.” Ringtone said

The drama doesn’t stop there. Apoko wants a hardworking lady as a wife,with no nails.

“I don’t a woman who has long nails, I want a woman who is
hardworking and who is looking for a God-fearing good man. I
am serious and I ask you to help me.” he added.

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