rayvanny songs

Rayvanny no longer needs ‘kiki’ to hit again in the music industry. He has shown that he is capable of representing Africa to the world. And indeed he has done so.

Most artists are doing much for their art but some of them fail. There is more than talent alone. Hard work and talent results to a masterpiece! The ‘Zezeta’ hit master reveals his secret strategy in making hits.

First of all,he records a lot. Rayvanny is always in studio recording tunes. He doesn’t need to work on one project. As an artist, your work is making music,with good manager, where could you be if not in the studio booth?

Secondly,knowledge about market trends. Rayvanny has mastered the strategy of music industry. Having recorded many songs(as his first strategy above) he knows when to release a certain song/video. This is why,when he releases a tune, it meets the current market(entertainment industry?need,and his song comes an instant hit. As an artist,don’t just release a song in the market because it is done. Do proper timing always.

rayvanny songs

Above all,every artists should pray. Although some may differ here. Believing in God is something Rayvanny has in him. You can have a good project but,minus God’s blessings you can’t do much.