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Talent will take you places that you can never imagine of. This is the same scenario we have seen with many celebrities both regional and international.

nyimbo mpya download

Kitabu singer Rawbeena has opened up on her life journey,music and career. Stating that nobody especially from her rich family was willing to help her achieve her dreams. Back then she used to yearn for a college or university degree but all was in vain. No one was ready to take her to school.

Rawbeena dived into music as a pathway to secure her future. True to her words and intentions, she currently holds 3 international degrees and still pushing for more. She never did music for fame nor get superstar status.

The singer advocates for personal commitment to persue their dreams. It has taken her 6 years to be where she is. Nobody donated a coin towards building herself.

Don’t sit there waiting for help! Don’t even expect it.

Because she believed in herself, the Finland based artist can now afford to get whatever she wants,stay wherever she wants and work wherever she wants


Rawbeena whose younger sister to Kimilili Member of Parliament, is finalising setting up her recording studio.