Priest Resurrects Man ‘Dead For Three Weeks’ (video)


This world is full of crazy things indeed. Not a day goes without a number of viral events happening.

So do people still have power over death? I think the last man was Jesus to raise the dead. If that aint enough,a local priest from Imo estate,did wonders. He just raised dead man in daylight.

So yeap a Catholic priest, Rev. Father Chiedozie Modestus Chilaka in Owerri in Imo State brought a dead man to life. The deceased had lost his life 3 weeks ago.

This is not a movie but,why only happen in Nigeria?

Izu Nwaobi Joe Okakwu shared the story on facebook. He revealed how the priest raised the dead man on Wednesday 13th december, at Aladimma Hospital in the state.

He wrote:
REV. FR Chiedozie Modestus Chilaka prove the people of owerri wrong by bringing back a dead man in this world again after three weeks in the mutuary. At ALADIMMA HOSPITAL in owerri on the Wednesday 13th December 2017. I’m there life and direct, no stories. Seen is believe (Omere eme life). If you doubt then go to the Hospital and confirm. My dear brothers and sisters, our lord JESUS Christians is wonderful. Watch this vidoe, but more video is coming thanks.”

Watch Video below.

Watch The Video

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