Popular Presenter Says Gengetone Is Dead

Seems that the popular wave that was born a year ago is dying. Popular comedian cum radio presenter Jalang’o has aired his sentiments on gengetone music. According to him,the music genre was a passing clout and it is dead!

He advises artists doing gengetone to use their acquired fame well.

Latest gengetone music is not as popular as it was when it landed. Talk about how big Wamlambez and Lamba Lolo were! These artists might have lost their path when they started singing on anything that was trending in Kenya. With the covid-19 around that saw popular social joints closed,it was a huge blow to the genre. Gengetone beats are dope but most artists use vulgar language hence make the songs unfit to get mainstream media airplay.

The new gengetone songs are fading away . Unless the they have another strategy, then they will remain history.