Popular Actress Esther Chebet Joins A Cult


Actress Esther Chebet alias Matilda has shared critic messages online that have left her fans worried. The actress revealed getting herself into something unknowingly and now she regrets.

Via her social media, the former Real House Helps of Kawangware actress said fell into the wrong ditch while soul searching. Adding that things are moving fast and she is worried about her life.

“Life is spiritual and I think I tapped into the wrong realms in my search for peace of mind and tapped into the wrong energies,” she wrote.

Chebet reveals that her woes started with a cup of water. She states that her addiction led her into tapping the wrong realms. As a result,her doctor and family thought she was hallucinating.

“Someone wanted me out of town, go to Kericho do some thing I really didn’t understand and for months my mind was clogged,”Chebet said.

The actress has warned her fans to be cautious with the company they keep. She says many souls are getting trapped in spaces they don’t belong to. She claims to be used to do something she regrets.

“My mind was used to open a portal in Kimungu River, Kericho County,” posted Chebet.

Chebet claims she has not being okay after mingling with the wrong people.

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