Peter Gatonye Aka Pili Pili

Peter Gatonye Ngugi alias Pilipili is a kenyan leendary singer who graced the showbiz with timeless hits. Along the way the singer disappeared from the limelight.

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Speaking with Mambo Mseto,Pilipili
aka masala shared much of what he is upto lately. His backfired plan to return to music scene. Citing lack of a good team and appropriate network. He had taken a break to do research and bounce back stronger. Reset his fan’s fatigue,something not new to established artistes.

Despite being out of the mainstream media, the Morale hit maker still gets gigs here and there. His shows are but,in the low key.

Pilipili’s Chilli Ink label that signed the likes of Kizo B went down because of poor management issues. The return on Investment was not as anticipated. The label nowadays has diversified its portfolio but don’t sign any artistes.

His come back might be a challenge for him and Pili Pili knows that.

Becoming number one is easy than remaining number one.

Speaking about the current state of the entertainment industry,the 37 years old notes that the competition is stiff and music genres are many unlike back then.

His brand has helped propelled his other business ventures.

Lets embrace change. I got no issue with Gengetone. Let the kids do their thing but adjust their choice of words. Their music is liked and will live longer.

Peter Gatonye Aka Pili Pili