Legendary Bongo artist Rehema Chalamila aka Ray C was the talk of town some days back. She had the looks,shape and the moves. Her singing career was at peak.

Men were on her knees begging to have a thing with her. Lord Eyez was that one lucky fella. He was Ray C boyfriend. Speaking with Wasafi Tv,he narrates how it was being with the Mama Nitile singer.

I will praise Ray C any day and will never think of attacking her. I really loved her. She truly knows how to love deeply.

Lord Eyez shares that Ray C is a good person only that jealous led to their breakup. The rapper career had started picking up and Ray C jealousy was getting worse. They had to split.

It’s alleged that Lord Eyez introduced Ray C to drug abuse. Something that haunted her career. There was a time she had to be taken to rehab.



Currently Ray C is in Paris and she recently flaunted with a Caucasian man who is suspected to be her fiancé.