Peter Blessing music career is not sailing well. As things appear it might take a lot of resources to help him. His fallout with EMB Records is still haunting him to date .

The former EMB Records artist was taken to court for stealing Ksh.2 million via fraudulent means. The issue is never ending soon.

Peter Blessing and Mr Seed released Cheki last Friday but the song never lasted more than an hour on YouTube. It was pulled down and a copyright claim was made by EMB Records.

According to Mr Seed manager, they were anticipating that move. Since the song is pulled down. There is nothing they can do. There’s always a bad blood between Mr Seed and Bahati,though the two might disagree about that statement in public domain. The manager goes ahead to say the strike was towards Peter Blessing as an individual and not Mr Seed.

In August this year,Kwa Hao singer shared for the first time that he had a project with Peter Blessing. He received threats that the song would be pulled. However, because of supporting Peter Blessing and pushing the gospel ministry, he decided to press on.

Mr seed songs
Unless there are talks ongoing, Peter Blessings songs won’t make it on YouTube . His premature contract termination under EMB is haunting him. Sadly there’s nothing Mr Seed and his team can do.

Mr Seed Ft Peter Blessing
Mr Seed & Peter Blessing

Currently Peter Blessing who was rescued from his then job as a guard is traumatized. It will take Bahati’s pardon to see him progress in the industry.