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Unaibiwa By Rayvanny


Tanzania finest singer signed under Wasafi Record Label, Rayvanny has a brand new tune #Unaibiwa.

This comes after being involved in #Zilipendwa song that included all Wasafi Artists led by their leader Diamond Platinumz.

Mapenzi Isikubebe Ufala!! Men Dont Do This For Your Ladies Prisss


Most men act childish when they are really in love and this has cost them a great deal . It is not bad to please a woman but over doing it makes one stupid . As a man , you must be smart enough to read in between the lines to know what ’s favorable and what ’s not .
We are not saying you shouldn ’t be romantic , it is a good thing to be romantic but not to the detriment of yourself and you should know that, just because something might be done in the name of love does not make it the right thing to do and these are the few you should try as much as possible to avoid or never be tempted to do for a woman, regardless.

  1. Steal For Her
    Obviously, we all know where this will end you and by the time you will be back , someone might have taken your place . Never allow anything to push you to steal in order to please your woman because if she later finds out you actually stole a gift for her , she might drop you, unless of course , you are in it together like Bonny and Clyde.

  2. Pay For Her Education
    It is not a bad thing to support her education, if you can help but to take full responsibility for everything to your own detriment can be dangerous . We are all humans and we change from time to time, most men actually think funding a girl ’s education means they’ll be forever indebted to them, ending up getting married to them but we ’ve seen several scenarios where the women will end up finding love elsewhere . This has been suicidal to many men.

  3. Buy Her A House When You Don’t Have One
    Common sense should tell you, you should build your dreams together but not favor her and think of yours later . Building a house for a woman when you don’ t have one yourself can make you is wrong in every way . When she finally jilts you and lives in it with another man . There are many men still biting their fingers over thism.

  4. Fight Another Man Because Of Her
    Fighting because of her doesn ’t prove anything . Two things are likely to happen, either the person beats you to a pulp and end up in the hospital or you will beat the person and end up in jail , either way, you don’t win. Unless it is for self-defense.

  5. Reject Your Family Because Of Her
    A family is everything and no matter what, you can ’t reject them because your woman doesn’t like them. It will be very dangerous on your part to reject your family all because of a woman.

  6. Change Your Appearance
    These days , there are many men doing a lot, taking pills to make changes to their bodies all because they feel that’s what women love. Changing you to please a woman means the moment you stop trying she ’ll go, ideally , people you be with should love you for who you are .

  7. Give Up On Your Dreams To Satisfy Her
    So there are many men out there who gave up on their dreams to help their woman achieve theirs or were discouraged by women. These same women dumped them afterwards. Never do this after reading this.

  8. Being Over -Submissive
    It is nice to be sweet to your woman but always learn to set the records straight and don’t try to always appear weak to her and succumb to all her wishes in the interest of pleasing her . Truth is , women actually hate weak men and will prefer you’re sweet and sour.

  9. Starve Yourself For Her
    Never forfeit your food for her , at least you can share but to give all to her and go hungry, that ’s not love , that ’s stupidity.

  10. Kill For Her
    Never ever even think about executing such an atrocity for a woman no matter how convincing the situation is , because if you end up in jail , another man will take your position.

  11. Die For Her, Literally
    So many men have committed suicide because of a woman. What ’s the sense in it when you’re finally dead and gone. Live to fight another day

  12. Add yours in the comment section

Credits : #VibeMtaani cc Frosh Vibes

Today Free Tips

Today Free Tips

Time:  19:00h
Competition:  Turkey Super League
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ENGLAND: Premier League
Time: 21:00 
Teams: West Ham – Huddersfield
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Time: 18:00  
Teams: Ermis – AEK Larnaca
Pick:   2  
Odd: (1.65) 

#9 Things That Will Make Your Girl Sooo Wet


The beauty of a relationship is when you make your partner fall in love with you over and over again.

  1. If you have some cash to spare, then take your girl for shopping since they enjoy shopping a lot .In- fact it gives them an adrenaline rush .

  2. The moment that she wake ’s up in the morning , tell her that she is the mist beautiful lady in the world. Believe me when i say that she wants to know that you find her cute the moment she wake up in the morning with a swollen face.

  3. Hold her hand in the public since they love public display of affection.

  4. Tell her that she you find her $ exy and that you love her body

  5. Ensure that you meet her family . By doing this, you show her that you have a future together with her .

  6. She wants you to consider her opinion when she raises an issue . so when you take her opinion into consideration , you melt her heart.

  7. Tell her of how important she is to you and that she is your best friend and you will make her heart melt .

  8. Tel her friends and your friends of how much she means to you when you are with her

  9. Be nice to her friends because when you treat her friends right, he will definitely fall in love with you again.
    You should surprise her with gifts more often

Creditd : #VibeMtaani cc FroshVibes

Sheebah Karungi Walks In The Wall Of Fame


#SheebahKarungi Becomes The First EA Celebrity To Be Honoured At The Walk Of Fame in Hollywood!!!

Ugandan Musician and performer Sheebah Karungi came out and posted photos of herself while seated at the famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame hence posing a question in everyone’s head inquiring whether she had also gotten added onto the list of stars at the Walk Of Fame.

In these posted photos, Sheebah is seen seated by the terrazzo emphasized with her first Name SHEEBAH which shows that her energy and hard work has been recognized.The Hollywood Walk of Fame comprises more than 2,600 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars embedded in the sidewalks along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood, California.

The stars are permanent public monuments to achievement in the entertainment industry, bearing the names of a mix of actors, musicians, directors, producers, musical and theatrical groups, fictional characters, and others. The Walk of Fame is administered by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and maintained by the self-financing Hollywood Historic Trust.

It is a popular tourist destination, with a reported 10 million visitors. Hehehe,relax Sheebah doesn’t have her own star at the Walk of Fame in Hollywood but rather she just posed on a name owned by someone who did great like her before but hopefully, she will also one day get recognized for the hardwork she puts in.

By @sameerbry

Sababu Ya Ben Pol Kutoa Album Kimya Kimya


Msanii tajika wa Tanzania,Ben Pol Atoa Sababu Ya Kutoa Album Kimya kimya .

Msanii Ben Pol ametoa sababu ya kutoa album yake kimya kimya bila promo yoyote na kusema kwamba amefanya hivyo ili kuipa nafasi kazi yake mpya aliyofanya na msanii Chidinma kutoka Nigeria inayoitwa ‘Kidume’. Akizungumza na mwandishi wa East Africa Television, Ben Pol amesema ameamua kufanya hivyo ili watu wasifikirie kuhusu album tu na waipe nafasi kubwa zaidi ‘kidume’, ambayo ilikuwa inasubiriwa kwa hamu kubwa na mashabiki, lakini hata hivyo atatoa taarifa namna gani mashabiki wake wanaweza kuipata albam yake mpya. “Kwa sababu nilitaka focus zaidi iwe kwenye wimbo mpya Kidume, halafu kuanzia wiki ijayo nitaanza kuongelea album na sehemu inakopatikana”, alisema Ben Pol. Album hiyo imebeba nyimbo 15 ambazo zilishatoka miaka ya nyuma na kufanya vizuri, imetoka kipindi ambacho watu walikuwa na kiu na Albam mpya ya Ben Pol ambayo alishawahi kuwaambia mashabiki kwamba atatoa albam mpya atakayoipa jina la mtoto wake, lakini imekuwa tofauti na kutoa albam yenye mjumuiko wa kazi zake za awali na mpya. – 57

Alikiba Ft Patoranking Song Leaked

#AbyDad Achomoa Kuvujisha Ngoma Ya
#Alikiba na #Patoranking

Producer Aby Dad amekanusha taarifa za kuvujisha kolabo ya Alikiba na Patoranking kutoka nchini Nigeria. Kwa siku za hivi karibuni wimbo huo umekuwa ukisambaa mtandaoni na Alikiba alipoulizwa alikiri uwepo wa kolabo hiyo lakini kitendo cha kuvunja ni kitu kilichomshangaza kwani ilikuwepo studio na muda wake wa kutoka ulikuwa bado.

Akizungumza na E-Newz ya EATV Aby Dad amesema asingeweza kufanya kitendo hicho kwani yeye ni mfanyabiashara na kuongeza kuwa kufanya hivyo kungeua biashara yake.“Hicho kitu kitaniharibia biashara kwa sababu watu wataogopa kuja kwangu kufanya bishara, kuvujisha wimbo wa msanii ni tatizo kubwa sana na hasara kutokana nyimbo ya msanii inapovuja halafu kukawa na mteja mwingine anataka kufanya kazi na wewe ataogopa kwa sababu tabia yako ni kuvujisha nyimbo za watu,” alisema Aby Dad.

Hata hivyo alisema asingependa kuongelea suala hilo kiundani kuni kuna mambo yaliyojificha nyuma ya pazia ikiwemo kutolipiwa kolabo hiyo na kuna haki zake anadai kutoka kwa msanii huyo. Bongo5/Peter Akaro –

Wema Sepetu Uncle Hospitalized After Being Shot


Wema Sepetu is in utter pain
after her uncle, Tundu Lissu, who
is an MP for Singida East in
Tanzania, was shot five times by
unknown people.

She took to social media to
reveal her pain after she found
out that her uncle was shot and is
in critical condition.
She’s also revealed that he is in
an outspoken man who on
countless occasions, spoke out on
matters that were going on but
some people didn’t agree with

It is not yet clear why he was
shot, but Wema Sepetu is in pain
and hoping that her uncle pulls

Source: Mpasho.co.ke

Njuguna Pens A Touching Story About His Wife


Funny man Blessed Njugush tied knots with the love of his life.

Behind any marriage there is that touching story that is always hidden.A couple of hours ago Dj MO revealed the tests he gave size 8 inorder to marry her.They were petty ones like making her ‘ruka ruka hizo mitaro.’

Celestine Ndinda might have gone through alot inorder to be with the man of her dreams.Here is what Njugush had to say about his wife Celestine Ndinda .

” DAY UNO This woman has been soo good to me. Starting out bana nilikua nimeparara sana. There was no Njugush just a young guy trying to make it in life. Kuosha masahani kwa hoteli, auditions hapa na pale. This lady always held me down.I was so broke that at times couldn’t afford supper. She’d always save her college pocket money for that.She’d go to githurai market and do some shopping for the house. Lol yani she’s that day one. I was so broke that on her birthdays i used to kill my family members bana “babe nimepigiwa simu kuna uncle wa cousin ya aunt ya cucu wa beste ya mwalimu wangu wa nursery amepass…….. Exams” lol nisiitishwe treat aki. but she understood, the heart really wanted to treat her lakini mfuko ilikua petition. She told me because we gonna be together for long hizo birthday nitalipia tu loool and she was categorical that she’d want one of those birthday’s iwe dubai. Iv never seen a mgenge lady such as she . I rem one day she came to my kabedsitter pale transami, a neighbours’ laptop had been stolen.physical searches were being conducted house to house, now it was my bedsitter’s turn. Aki the caretaker aliingia akaona nikiwa na matress na stove only akacheka and said ‘pwaahaha hapa ata mtu hawezi ficha” After they left this lady laughed out and said “babe usiskie vibaya, hii nyumba siku moja tutajaza” Thats the moment i knew haendi mahali (also that’s when we started using ata sijaskia vibaya phrase) Yani nyumba ilikua empty mpaka i made sure Abel mutua never entered that house, alikua anaenda kuingia chochoro nameambia huku ni kubaya side mirror zinaenda kwenda lol so he would fret and anasema nitaingia basi kukiwa mchana, i made sure that didn’t happen.lool For real she kept me on my toes. Yani i had to make it or make it. I haven’t reached there yet but i thank God so far. He’s been amazing like i can’t say enough. I don’t know if there’s nothing i wouldn’t do for her, including kushika room . Brothers and sisters never get tired of those humble beginnings Happy birthday @celestinendinda thanks for taking care of me, NOW it’s my time, i got you babe.”

My Father Tests My Virginity Daily- Confession


Am a girl of 21 years, am a student, a level 300. My father test my virginity every year at the hospital to see if am a virgin, he said if am a virgin my bride price will be high and my husband will love me more.

Before I used to believe him and be happy until I realize it’s his selfish need. I love this guy he’s my BF and soulmate. We had sex 2 weeks ago, we have been doing it almost everyday now. My fear is my birthday is in November and my father do the test every Birthday.

How can get I out this situation? Am an only daughter with 3 brothers. My mothers opinion doesn’t matter. My mother is not well educated. I want to live my life and make my own mistakes am not a goods for sale. Advise me please. Don’t judge me.

Free Football Prediction



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Free Tip Of Today

Date:  07.09.2017
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Zilipendwa Lyrics By Wasafi Artists


WCB Artists

( Diamond Platinumz, Rich Mavoko,
Rayvanny, Harmonize )

Ooh, izo ni zama za kale,
Ohh, sanguro na pepe kalee
Eeh kizamani, kutoa kadi na maua
Wanataka mali,ukilipa unakwarua
Ufundi kitandani,sio maguvu kujikamua
Unafika ndani,hujatomasa unachanua
Wanawake wa leo, wanataka mikakati,
Ukiwa mzogaji,hakya mungu huwapati,
Mapenzi ya video yanakutoa kamasi,
Eti nikinywa maji, nakuona kwenye glasi
Eeh kupiga chabo ghetto (zilipendwa)
Sunche na kapeto (zilipendwa)
Konno na detto (zilipendwa)
Sunche na kapetio (zilipendwa)
Manje na mobeto (zilipendwa)
Ooh, izo ni zama za kale, oooh, sanguro na
pepe kale
Mmmhh Boringo ndomboro (zilipendwa)
Twanga chipolopolo (zilipendwa)
Maji ya kandoro (zilipendwa)
Simba wa morogoro (zilipendwa)
Rich Mavoko
Mtaani sipati, skari guru kabisa (zilipendwa)
Ivi yuko api ,mb dogo wa Latiffa
Babu Tale wapi papa misifaa (zilipendwa)
Sikuiz party, hatuendagi kabisaa (zilipendwa)
Mpira na Pele (zilipendwa)
Tanu Nyerere (zilipendwa)
Asha ngedere (zilipendwa)
Alusi mabele (zilipendwa)
Eeti uuze nyumba, ueke heshima bar
Eeti mlazimishe alokukataa
Sabuni kicherema (zilipendwa)
Mabanda ya sinema (zilipendwa)
Lipumba na mrema (zilipendwa)
Diamond na Wema (zilipendwa)
Ooh, izo ni zama za kale, oooh, sanguro na
pepe kale
Wakina Soggy doggi (zilipendwa)
Chaneli ya analogi (zilipendwa)
Movie za cyborgi (zilipendwa)
Van Damme Arnoldi (zilipendwa)
Queen Darleen
Unanibeeb nikupigie, umeiweka vocha?
Ule weewe nilipe mie, umeniona lofa?
Teena na madada wenye, majina acheni
Unaitwa ukale dinner, mnakwenda tisaa
Nywele za kichina (zilipendwa)
Pochi za kuazima (zilipendwa)
Zena na betina (zilipendwa)
Bashite gwajima (zilipendwa)
Ooh, izo ni zama za kale, oooh, sanguro na
pepe kale
Mmhh Amita Bachani (zilipendwa)
Tv kwa jirani (zilipendwa)
Madee Rayvanny (zilipendwa)
Zari Ivanny (zilipendwa)
Ya nini kunichunguza naishi wapi
Nala chapati, kwa mahindi au makapi
Kutwa kunikalia,una kamati (zilipendwa)
Ooh yarabi masikini, kunidhihaki
Aah Samba mapangala (zilipendwa)
Pfunk Kajala (zilipendwa)
Onyango na Jangala (zilipendwa)
Lufufu Mkandalal (zilipendwa)
Vyanini vidomodomo, nitupieni tunguli
Kisa pesa za mgomo, msimu wa magufuli
Aah Bongo man yondo (zilipendwa)
Skinde msondo (zilipendwa)
Magari ya udongo (zilipendwa)
Babu wa loliondo (zilipendwa)
Ooh, izo ni zama za kale, oooh, sanguro na
pepe kale
Aah Tv za kichogo (zilipendwa)
Wakina mandojo (zilipendwa)
Gigi ya lyobo (zilipendwa)
Akina tupogo (zilipendwa)
Eeti ni msiba ukiona bundi,unataka
Tulale makundimakundi, kuogopa popo
Zueena, ntampata wapii (zilipendwa)
Zueena, na zile nyakati (zilipendwa)
Kujifanya mapanga zuna, ati wamebinga
Wengine wabeba mapanga, na hakuna
Iddi amini dada (zilipendwa)
Miuno ya H. Baba (zilipendwa)
Domo chai jaba (zilipendwa)
Michezo ya kibaba baba (zilipendwa)
Lava Lava
Wale wapiga madeal, sasa hali mbaya
Hizi zama za magufuli, si za jakaya
Ugomvi wa Mr.nicena dudu baya
Vikatuni vya madonge baba ubaya
Muhogo mchungu Mr.bean wapi Bl bambo
Wale watazamaji wa melini wazee wa
Vifiu vywa vibenjamini wa mambo jambo
Wa Vietnam wa porini vita na rambo na
dam jela jela (zilipendwa)
Kidali komborera (zilipendwa)
Max zembwela (zilipendwa)
Juma nature na fella (zilipendwa)
Ooh, izo ni zama za kale, oooh, sanguro na
pepe kale
Mmmh Kama ndala si mda (zilipendwa)
Almanzira ndumba (zilipendwa)
Simu za dole gumba (zilipendwa)
Johari na Kanumba (zilipendwa)

Seduce Me Lyrics By Ali Kiba


Ali Kiba
“Seduce Me”

Do not do like that i’m too smart dada
Seduce me like what a hell (ah hold up)
What the hell
Don’t do like that I’m too smart dada
Seduce me like what a hell (ah hold up)
What a hell
Verse 1
Nakuona unakata be careful sister
Na kama unataka they call me heart
breaker (breaker)
Nina majina mapya kila mmoja amenipa
Wananiita kipusa ooh pasua kichwa
Mi ninamajina mapya kila kona wamenipa
Wananiita kipusa ooh pasua kichwa
Do not do like that I’m too smart dada
Seduce me like what a hell (ah hold up)
What the hell
Don’t do like that I’m too smart dada
Seduce me like what a hell (ah hold up)
What a hell
Verse 2
Eh Najua kupenda nagawa mavumba
Na kama unataka they call me kiba Rockstar
Nina mandinga mapya kila mmoja nampa
Wananiita misifa ooh pasua kichwa
Nina mandinga mapya kila mmoja nampa
Wananiita misifa ooh pasua kichwa ona
Do not do like that I’m too smart dada
Seduce me like what a hell (ah hold up)
What the hell
Don’t do like that I’m too smart dada
Seduce me like what a hell (ah hold up)
What a hell
Yup You know me girl I go by the name
Unstopable what the…
Bambamba lailalaila bamba Despacito
Despacito cheza kidogo
Zungusha kiuno chako unionyeshe

Wayne Rooney Arrested On Over Drinking


From @msetosports – #WayneRooney Arrested On Suspicion Of Drink Driving After Night Out >>>>> Former England captain Wayne Rooney has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of drink driving.The Everton star was stopped by police in Cheshire last night after an evening out, according to The Mirror. Rooney, 31, only just stood down from England duty last week after topping his country’s goal scoring record with 53 in 119 appearances.

And he made a dream move to rejoin his boyhood club Everton this summer after 13 successful years at Manchester United. He played in the club’s first loss of the season against Chelsea on Sunday — when he was yellow carded for dissent. But speaking after the 2-0 away defeat, Rooney said that he felt “good” and was looking forward to “a good rest”. His former England teammates are preparing for tonight’s World Cup qualifier clash with Malta. News of his alleged arrest comes after wife Coleen, 31, announced she was pregnant with her and Wayne’s fourth child last month.