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Sure Tips For Today 20/09/2017

My sure tips for today, matches starts by 7:45 pm.

Match 1

Italy – Serie A

Ac milan vs  Spal 2013

Tip: Ac milan to win


Match 2

Italy – Serie A

Juventus vs Fiorentina

Tip: Over 2.5 goals

Odd: 1.60

Match 3

Netherland – Knvb Cup

Jong Ajax vs Fc Utrecht

Tip: Over 2.5 goals

Odd: 1.25

MUST SEE!!! Viral Photo Of A Female Medical Personnel Attending To An Injured Player During Match

Hii ya leo ni noma.

This picture of a female medical personnel attending to an injured player during a league match has caused uproar online.

The Zambian female medical officer is seen touching the injured player’s manhood during a league match of the Zambian super division league.

The picture caused sensation because of the way the woman was concentrating and massaging the player’s manhood.

Even the young boy looked at the woman with confusion.

Although we cannot the blame the woman because it is part of her job and the player got injured at that part of his body, which needed quick medication.

Hilarious though!

Shock As Baby Is Born Chewing !!!


This photo of a newborn baby with matured teeth has gone viral online and many are wondering why a newborn baby will have such denticle.

According to a Health organisation, these kind of teeth are called natal teeth which are relatively rare.

About 15 percent of babies born with teeth have close family members that had natal teeth when they were born, too. These include siblings and parents.
While there are conflicting studies on the role of gender and natal teeth, females seem to be more likely to be born with teeth than males.
Malnutrition during pregnancy is another possible risk factor

Regards Forevergist

Nigerian Soldier Forces Lady To Remove Her Camuoflage Clothing In Public

A viral picture trending online shows Nigerian soldiers forcing a lady to remove the camuoflage clothing she was wearing, in public.

According to those who witnessed the incident, it happened in the Northern part of Nigeria.

The lady was begging the soldiers not to embarass her in public but the soldiers did not hear her plea.
Nigerian soldiers do not allow civilians wear the camuoflage clothing in public because of fake identity.
Although it is not a law in Nigeria but the army must not catch civilians in the act.
Once a civilian is caught wear the clothing, he or she might be given severe punishment like frog jumping or flogging.

Bigup : Forevergist

Free Tips for 19.09.2017

Time : 16:00

Match 1 : Mas Taborsko vs  Teplice

Pick : 2 

Odd : 1.35

Time : 18:30

Match 2 : B. Monchengladbach vs Stuttgart

Pick : 1

Odd : 1.75

Time : 19:00

Match 3 : GAIS vs IK Frej 

Pick : 1 

Odd : 1.75

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Soccer Players



Females love playing with balls after all and
in a sporty manner like soccer, they sure do
have the ‘kicks’ and the kinks too. There
most certainly isn’t anything that can have a
man’s attraction radar flashing like a
malfunctioning light bulb than to see a whole
bunch or entire soccer field filled with
females running all about. Here I cannot be sure
about everybody else but personally, it would
have turned me into a lion ready to chase after
some springboks and no not to kill them for
dinner but for the thrill of the chase which is
what matters most in the journey of persuasion
from male to female. Soccer women are very
particular and absolutely determined, very
driven to their ‘goals’ and they sure do score a
few other than a ball in a post as well. Here’s
a quick preview and so let’s take a
spectating look on 10 of the most beautiful
female soccer players in the world, which will
be analyzed by their physicality and
personality combined. It is when we take a
closer look at women that we eventually are able
to spot where their true beauty lies.
Top 10 Beautiful Female Soccer Players

  1. Natalie Vinti (Mexico)
    Yes, another beautiful Mexy – Merry (Mexican
    American) would top another one in her
    Latinatious sex appeal and exotica. Number
    10 Ranking women in the list of beautiful
    female soccer players earns Natalie
    Vinti. Mexicano Dream, she is and represents
    all of the exotic that makes a women ‘out of
    this world’ if it’s not too exaggerated to say.
    She sure does stand confident in her
    appearance and is settled about her
    profession and ‘field’ of expertise. Natalie
    is a Tall women too and has the face of an
    angel with a perfect smile of somebody you’d
    never want to stop looking at. Oh, that pin
    straight long black hair is set to arouse a man
    sexually just by looking at it, let alone having
    the honor to run his hands through it. She has
    the perfectly rounded figures and
    unbelievable structure which sincerely makes
    her the most beautiful in her very OWN catagory
    as far as female soccer players are

  2. Hope Solo (USA)
    When it comes to beautiful female soccer
    players, one of the first names that would come
    to mind is Hope Solo. As a veteran
    goalkeeper for the United States team, you can
    bet that she’d stop every ball that tries to
    pass her. Who could blame ones thoughts for
    thinking this in the first place? She
    possesses the appearance of a strong
    independent women which quite frankly
    means that a weak man in her presence may
    feel intimidated and women domination on men
    can be a sexy thing over all.
    “Solo” as her last name suggests screams out
    her independence as a professional soccer
    women. Her eyes speak soul languages which
    simply means that she will read your
    intentions through her ability to analyze
    people with her heart rather than first
    impressions and a women that sees things
    with her heart, is considered absolutely
    beautiful in every sense of that word too.

  3. Sydney Leroux (USA)
    It’s no surprise that majority of women fancy
    and fanta-‘size’-ably all into “black men” as they
    are most probably ‘into’ them as well to some
    ‘extent’ if you get my drift. Now these aren’t
    just reference to sexual innuendos but a
    reality too. Well… Here’s the thing, men are
    into ebony women too and men will so often be
    compelled to her ways of life seeing that her
    motto which trademarks her as a “black beauty”
    and although contradictory, very white
    skinned, she sure would fulfill a man’s
    fantasy desires.
    “I’m Sydney Leroux, I kick balls for a living”
    she says. She’s beautiful in her personality
    as well as her physical. Sydney Leroux as one
    of the most beautiful female soccer players has
    a smile which can be passed as ‘perfect’ and
    how does she pull it off? Her perfectly
    straight, white and aligned teeth is amazing
    with a glow to her cheeks too as her face
    lights up and subsequently creating a warm
    atmosphere to those around her as well.

  4. Julia Simic (Germany)
    Germany representing Julia Simic as a
    professional footballer in the feminine
    league. She is young at heart and will probably
    be a ‘player’ for as long as she has to or feels
    fit to do so and boy oh boy, do I fear the amount of
    balls she’d be busting while at it. Her youthful
    facial features ensures that she comes across
    as young, vibrant and somewhat ‘teen-agy’ which
    is more attractive to both old and young men.
    Having a teenager’s face in a mature women’s
    body speaks the language of beauty that’s
    divine and pure and rather preserved. She
    bares the happiest smile of a naughty child
    that you wouldn’t wish to harm or be abrupt with
    as it’s an instant mood changer from negative
    to extremely positive.
    Julia’s school girl persona, would be sure to
    attract more of the younger boys as Julia’s smile
    is absolutely bright and inviting. Julia, as
    one of the most beautiful female soccer players,
    can be considered as a lucky women who will
    never have aging issues no matter how old she
    gets, she will always give off a very pretty
    young girl appearance. That type of beauty
    given to a women especially is a gift of life.

  5. Jonelle Filigno (Canada)
    No matter where you are in the world, and
    whatever you do or whichever nationality you
    fancy as far as women are concerned, You just
    gotta love Canadian women. And did you have a
    closer look at Jonelle? Who appears happy go
    lucky and always filled with enthusiasm which
    creates a wonderful vibe to whomever who meets
    her. Not that I’ve personally met her but would I
    be wrong for imagining so? There’s always an
    underlining bit of something and this could be
    anything which creates a unique set of
    something about what makes them individually
    Jonelle Filingo has much about her physical
    persona which makes her stand out amongst
    the most beautiful female soccer players. Curly
    black hair and deep dark hazel brown eyes
    are distinct. She will greet you with a wide
    smile, shiny lips and fine-tuned eyebrows as
    well as groomed eye lashes and all this is
    enough to drive the male species crazy. Wow!
    And what a perfect skin textured face she
    has which glows with radiance.

  6. Ellyse Perry (Australia)
    With regards to beautiful female soccer players
    Ellyse Perry has something of her very own to
    offer in this regard and all sense of her
    highly attractive physical as it is. The best
    part is that it’s all natural and glorious in
    its un-altered form.
    Ellyse Perry is a professional female
    cricketer and soccer player and has been
    kicking it big leagues since the tender age
    of 16. Being a Dual international sports
    women, you can expect double the fire, passion,
    and everything else amazing that she could
    exhibit of her beauty and personality. Born,
    November 3rd, what does this represent to you
    from an astrological point of view? SCORPION!
    Psychology suggests that Scorpion women as
    their birth sign are strong willed, powerfully
    minded, and downright fascinatingly beautiful
    too. So beautiful that a man would be dazed for
    minutes looking at them and actually excited by
    their glaringly appearing beauty. Mentioning
    that she’s a scorpion born women, need I say any
    more about her beauty?

  7. Anouk Hoogendijk (Netherlands)
    “Don’t judge a book by its cover” as it’s been
    said by many for several reasons and one of
    them being, the content is what really matters
    rather than the fancy graphics before your
    eyes. And, in Anouk’s case, here don’t make
    judgments by the sound of her name. Her name
    is Netherlandic! And stands for something
    greater than what it sounds like. A name
    like Anouk Hoogendijk speaks tradition,
    valor, honor, staunch beliefs and a solid
    background and as firm as her breasts too. Not
    inappropriate to say as it stands since the
    physical form of females in general is
    beautiful and so is Anouk at great lengths.
    She has Dutch defining physical attributes
    which contributes to her fair skin complexion
    and pin straight blonde hair. Here in this
    case she isn’t a ‘dumb blonde’ if you may be
    thinking as the Dutch and their straightness
    is something which definitely commands a
    great deal of respect over all. Anouk
    represents a pretty young female as even as
    a rough player on the field, capable of
    bearing a soft heart behind the bosoms as

  8. Lauren Sesselmann (Canada)
    Many may baffle themselves on the mysterious
    question of what is it about the phenomena of
    Blonde women and their beauty which draws men
    to them like busy bee’s to honey. And ohhhh…
    Lauren Sesselmann is Sure a beauty blonde honey
    as well in the field of beautiful female soccer
    players. She’s from Canada and several
    people around the globe find Canadian
    accents rather enticing. And so can you imagine
    a blonde, blue eyed beauty such as Lauren
    Sesselmann with a Canadian accent,
    exhilarating her raw beauty in front of you.
    Her blonde hair is actually freckled and has
    somewhat of a slight curl which ultimately has a
    twist to it, both literally and figuratively and
    can have a man’s eyes sizing it down from curve
    to curve of each curl which of course leads to her
    breasts which are firm and the immediate eye
    catcher to a man especially. Her glazy eyes is
    enough of beauty and has the power to have you
    glued into staring at it as it stares you down,
    before you know it ,you’re lost in Lauren’s
    capturing eyes. Newsflash, Miss Sesselmann
    is also a physical trainer and sure would I be
    much at pleasure to be view her at her best,
    working that body, fine tuning those curves.

  9. Nayeli Rangel (Mexico)
    So many names, One girl but is the Second
    Ranking member of the beautiful female soccer
    players on this list and it goes out to Mexican
    Chica, Nayeli Rangel. Mexican women
    are beautiful and you know the rest about the
    commonly spread and understood without being
    stated norm about “Latina’s” . Ohhhhh yeah, now
    were tawking about hotrods and low lowriders,
    Mexican heat, chilly bites and burito’s the type
    to get your blood boiling comes in the beautifully
    packaged form of women such as Nayeli
    Rangel. Nayeli is a Mexican diva who is
    flourished and blessed with all the looky looky
    touchy touchy goodies of a women.
    Nayeli, definitely deserves to be second on
    the most beautiful female soccer players
    list. Not that the women mentioned above are
    insignificant or less beautiful…but each has a
    certain standard of their own. Being in her
    early twenties right now, she certainly is
    fresh, vibrant, out there and captivating too.

  10. Alex Morgan (USA)
    If you’re a fan of Coyotes and other danger cats,
    you would probably recognize that Alex Morgan of
    the United States and as one of the most
    beautiful female soccer players represents
    something like that of a female cougar, a wild
    cat, a lioness.
    Dangerous women are sexy in every which was
    as the harder a man is, the more attractive he
    is to women also… These are just the tried
    and tested laws of attraction from the time
    human civilization began. Alex is beautiful
    and at the same time appears sexy dangerous
    and her face seems like it could stare you down
    to a hypnotization of a rabbit hole. A face easy
    to look at but extremely hard to forget. She has
    a patriotic appearance as a female and this
    ultimately makes her stand out firm in the list
    of beautiful female soccer players.

Source : Wonderlist




Nowadays, Soccer is one of the most popular
sports in the world. Today, we have collected a
list of Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players In
The World and spoke with player’s Net
Earning, Salary & Bonus, Club Name, Born and
Raised, Commercial Sponsors etc. We used
figures are in US dollar.
For the past several years, the battle for the
world’s highest paid soccer players has been
between the two leading players of this
generation, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel

Even now, as Ronaldo has just signed a
contract extension at Real Madrid, Messi is
currently negotiating an extension of his own
with Barcelona.
2016-2017 highest paid soccer stars are
leading their respective teams to
championships, winning numerous awards and
are the favorite of fans around the world. Some
players are most favorite with their
impeccable skills and remarkable performance
in almost every game which is the reason they
are paid the most. Behold, we give you the Top
10 Highest Paid Salary player of the soccer
kingdom. This information collected form

    SPAIN )
    Cesc Fabregas is a midfielder player in
    France, currently playing for Chelsea. Cesc was
    born 4 May 1987 at Arenys de Mar, Spain. Won
    premier league just after moving to Chelsea
    from Barcelona FC in 2014. Fabregas has the 5
    year contract with Chelsea. He earned $16
    million in salary and bonuses. Cesc $5 million
    to sponsorship deals with brands like Puma
    and Beats by Dre.

    Eden Hazard was born 7 January 1991 at La
    Louvière, Belgium. Currently, Belgium sensation
    are playing for Chelsea. The midfielder
    earnings $18 million from salary & bonus. He
    gets $4 million from endorsement money.
    Clearly, companies like Topps, Lotus
    Bakeries, Sina Sports, and Nike think
    Hazard is worth it.

    Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz is a most controversial
    footballer player as a striker for Spanish club
    FC Barcelona. Suarez was born 24 January 1987
    at Salto, Uruguay. He got $18 million in salary
    and bonuses from the club team, and that’s $23
    million in total earnings in last year.

    Now, Sergio are playing for Manchester City club
    and Argentina. He is one of the most gossiped
    players in the football world for his finishing
    and goal scoring aptitudes. Aruero was born 2
    June 1988 at Buenos Aires, Argentin. This
    striker collected $17 million from his salary
    and bonuses. He added enumerate $7 million in
    endorsement money from companies such as
    Pepsi, Puma, and EA Sports.

    Rooney is the most popular person in England.
    Currently, he is captain of Manchester United
    club. Rooney born born 24 October 1985 at
    Croxteth, Liverpool, England. He getting $20
    million in salary and bonus money. Rooney gets
    $6 million from sponsorship with brands like
    Harper Collins and Nike.

    WALES )
    On 16 July 1989 was born and raised in
    Cardiff, United Kingdom. But, Bale play Wales
    national team and biggest club Real Madrid. The
    biggest Club Real Madrid was singing a deal
    $118 million on September 2013 for this
    soccer player from the English Premier
    League. Bale earned $24 million in salary and
    bonuses while pulling in enumerate $10
    million. His endorsement deals with
    companies such as Adidas, BT Sport, and Sony

    BRAZIL )
    He is 4th position on this list. Neymar is the
    highest paid younger athletes in the world.
    Brazilian Neymar currently plays for Barcelona in
    the Spanish Liga BBVA. Neymar Jr. earns $36
    million per year out of which $14 million comes
    as the salary from the club. He also earns $22
    million from his endorsements. His mainly
    sponsors are Nike, Castrol, Panasonic, L’Oreal
    and Volkswagen .

    Age doesn’t matter, it proved 35 years old
    Ibrahimovic and comes to the list 3rd position
    for highest paid soccer player. He was born on
    3 October 3 at Malmo, Sweden. Now, he plays for
    Manchester United, continues to be one of the
    most gifted scorers on the planet. He
    earned $7 million in endorsement money. Deals
    with companies like Nike and Volvo, and he
    also made a whopping $30 million from his
    salary and bonuses.

    Everybody know that, FC Barcelona Messi is a
    magical player in the world. On 24 June 1987
    was born and grow up at Rosario, Argentina. He
    achieved 2nd place for highest paid soccer
    players. He is earning $77 million per annum
    along with his massive salary of $51 million.
    His major sponsors are Turkish Airline,
    Adidas, Herbalife and Pepsi. His complete
    endorsements are worth $26 million.

    CR7 is top highest paid soccer players in the
    world. He was born 5 February 1985 and passed
    his childhood at Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça,
    Funchal, Portugal. He signed a gigantic money
    deal agreement with world’s richest football club
    name Real Madrid. CR7 earn $53 million for
    his exceptional play on the field. Thanks to
    his outstanding relationship with Nike,
    Herbalife, Clear, and Tag Heuer among others.
    He also gets $29 million from endorsement

Millions of players globally who play soccer, and
those who kick the ball in the big leagues are
celebrities with massive fanbases and
lucrative sponsorship deals. English
Premier soccer league is the highest paying
for soccer players on the continent and biggest
earner of sponsorship revenue among football
leagues world wide.

Source : Listlar

Top 10 Boxers of All Time



Who are the top 10 boxers of all time? This can
be a highly debatable topic, especially now that
we’ve seen countless fighters lace up and
trade punches on top of the ring. Also, styles
make fights. There are those boxers who
performed well on boxers with specific

The sweet science is a combination of power,
grit, finesse, and heart displayed inside
the squared circle. Over the past decades,
we’ve witnessed the evolution of the fight
sport paving way for sluggers to slick boxers
who made their way into the ring. We’ve seen
countless rounds and controversial decisions
that have made an impression to every fight
fan. Let’s start counting the top 10 boxers of
all time.

  1. Willie Pep
    One of the finest featherweights and boxing
    innovators to ever enter the ring, Willie Pep
    made it in our list of top 10 boxers of all time
    because of his smooth boxing skills. Living in
    the early days of boxing during 40s to 60s, he
    finished his historic career with a total of
    229 wins with 65 knockouts.

His style is reminiscent of boxers like Manny
Pacquiao and Ivan Calderon who popularized
the sport today. Willie Pep is known to be an
innovator of the sport, given his magnificent
footwork, timing and excellent hand speed.

He retired after suffering from an accident.
He passed away at age 84 in 2006.
9. Julio Cesar Chavez
Mexican boxers are known for their heart in
the ring. And if there’s anyone who embodies
this trait, that would be Mexico’s favorite son,
Julio Cesar Chavez. JC Chavez made his career
from 1980 to 2005, facing the likes of
Oscar Dela Hoya, Meldrick Taylor and Hector
Camacho. Chavez is not only known for his win
streak, winning 87 straight fights in 13
years, but also for his exciting matches.
Chavez is known for his technical ability and
slugger mentality that caught the attention of
both casual and avid boxing fans alike.
Chavez made a career out of his left hook and
ability to trade and accept punches from very
tough opponents.
After hanging the gloves, Julio Cesar Chavez
has won six world titles in three different
weight divisions from 1984 to 1994. It is
also worth mentioning that he received the
Ring Magazine Lightweight championship in

Today, Julio Cesar Chavez works on the corner
of his son Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
8. Bernard Hopkins
If there is something that made Bernard
Hopkins in our list of top 10 boxers of all
time, it is his ability to compete against high
level boxers despite his age. Born in 1965
at age 51, The Executioner has been able to
face the biggest names from middleweight to
light heavyweight division. He broke George
Foreman’s record as the oldest boxer to win a
world championship.
Bernard Hopkins was also the former number
one pound for pound boxer by Ring Magazine. He
managed to reign as world middleweight
champion from 1994 to 2005. He was able to
face the likes of James Toney, Roy Jones Jr
and Jermane Taylor.

  1. Joe Frazier
    Joe Frazier has been known as the toughest
    rival of Muhammad Ali. He is an Olympic gold
    medalist and a world champion who lived in
    the glory days of the heavyweight division.
    Smokin Joe is a star pupil of Eddie Futch, a
    boxing trainer known as a tactician for his
    methodical approach in training fighters.
    Frazier has been known for his body punches,
    unrelenting attacks and extreme durability.
    He was able to fight Oscar Bonavena, Buster
    Mathis and Doug Jones even defeating
    Muhammad Ali in one occasion.
    But what defined Joe Frazier’s career is his
    historic Thrilla in Manila rubbermatch against
    Muhammad Ali. Thrilla in Manila took place in
    Araneta Coliseum in Manila, Philippines.
    Thrilla in Manila is considered by many as the
    greatest boxing match in history. It has even
    been used by anti-boxing advocates in their
    attempts to ban boxing as a sport. Smokin Joe
    eventually retired one match after Thrilla in
    Manila. He died in 2011 with liver cancer.

  2. Roberto Duran
    Nicknamed the Hands of Stone, Roberto Duran is
    the number six in our list of top 10 boxers of
    all time. He is considered by many as the best
    lightweight in history. He is one of the four
    horsemen who fought during the best era of
    welterweights in the 80s. During his career,
    he’s been able to fight in four different
    weight divisions from lightweight all the way
    up to middleweight.
    He is the second boxer to have fought in five
    different decades. Unfortunately, Roberto
    Duran’s career was most infamous after saying
    no mas after becoming frustrated against Sugar
    Ray Leonard. It was only in 2000 when Duran
    finally decided to hang the gloves after his
    rematch against Hector Camacho.

  3. Mike Tyson
    Who wouldn’t remember Mike Tyson? Mike Tyson is
    considered by many as the hardest hitting
    heavyweight who ever lived. He fought the
    heavyweight division with a fearsome
    reputation. His quick bobbing and weaving
    reflexes combined with fast heavy hands made
    him the youngest heavyweight champion.
    Mike Tyson easily caught the attention of
    boxing aficionados by winning his first 19
    bouts via knockout. He was able to defeat
    Trevor Berbick in just two rounds in 1986 to
    become the youngest heavyweight champion. The
    year later, he was able to amass both WBA and IBF
    heavyweight crown making him the first
    heavyweight to successively unify the IBF, WBC
    and WBC heavyweight titles. However, Mike
    Tyson was defeated by the underdog Buster
    Douglass in 1988.
    Mike Tyson would later return in 1996 after
    being convicted of rape. He was able to face
    Evander Holyfield in 1996 only to lose via TKO
    in the 11th round. During their rematch, Mike
    Tyson ended up disqualified after biting
    Evander Holyfield’s ear. At age 35 in 2002,
    he also fought Lennox Lewis losing via
    knockout. Tyson called it quits in 2006.

  4. Sugar Ray Robinson
    Another all-time great in our list of top 10
    best boxers is Sugar Ray Robinson. Sugar Ray
    Robinson is considered the pound for pound
    number one by many boxing critics. He could also
    easily be the number one in our list of top 10
    best boxers of all time. In fact, Sugar Ray
    Robinson was the very first boxer to be
    considered as the pound for pound champion.
    Inducted in the Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990,
    Sugar Ray Robinson had an 85-0 run as an
    amateur. As a professional, his record was
    nothing short of amazing. He had a 91
    winning streak. He retired with a total of
    200 fights in his record winning 173
    fights, 108 of which were via knockout.
    Sugar Ray Robinson viewed both Henry Armstrong
    and Joe Louis as his inspirations during his
    early years in boxing. What defined Sugar Ray
    Robinson’s career was his rivalry against
    Jake Lamotta. He had a six fights with the
    raging bull. He won five of six of those

  5. Manny Pacquiao
    Manny Pacquiao is larger than life in the
    Philippines. He is a politician, an actor,
    and a singer in his home country. However,
    what made Manny Pacquiao one of the all-time
    boxing greats is his ability to fight and
    dominate in different weight classes.
    Manny Pacquiao managed to win ten world titles
    in eight different weight divisions.
    Starting his career as a light flyweight, he’s
    able to win world titles in different weight
    divisions becoming the number one Ring
    Magazine pound for pound champion at one
    Manny Pacquiao made a name in the US after
    defeating series of tough Mexican opponents
    such as Marco Antonio Barrera, Eric Morales, Juan
    Manuel Marquez and David Diaz. In December
    2008, Manny Pacquiao jumped several
    weight classes above to face the Golden Boy
    Oscar Dela Hoya. After demolishing Oscar Dela
    Hoya in eight rounds, this propelled Manny
    Pacquiao into superstar status, making him
    one of the highly paid athletes of his time.
    Manny Pacquiao lost to Floyd Mayweather in 2015
    in one of the most highly anticipated matches
    of the year. The match had a total of 4.4
    million pay-per-view buys making it as one of
    the biggest events in boxing.

  6. Joe Louis
    Considered by many as one of the best
    heavyweights of all time, Joe Louis was able to
    become the world heavyweight champion from
    1937 to 1949. Joe Louis helped popularize
    the sport right after Jack Dempsey. He made
    a reputation as a clean and honest boxer, who
    at that time was a breath of fresh air when
    the sport was ruled by gambling interests.
    Joe Louis is a cultural icon considered as the
    very first African American to win the hearts
    of America. He is also known for his Anti-Nazi
    sentiments especially during the Second World
    Unfortunately, Joe Louis had to deal with tax
    woes forcing him to make a post retirement
    comeback. With a $500,000 debt, he had no
    other choice but to fight in the ring once
    again. In one of his post-retirement matches,
    he took a beating against Rocky Marciano.

  7. Muhammad Ali
    Making it on top of our top 10 boxers of all-
    time list is none other than

    Muhammad Ali.
    Muhammad Ali is considered by many as the
    greatest boxer of all time by many critics. He
    was able to defeat the likes of Joe Frazier
    and George Foreman during one of the best
    years of the heavyweight division.
    He was also one of the most charismatic
    athletes who ever lived. He is not only a
    tremendous boxer during his prime, but also an

Do you agree with our list Top 10 Boxers? Who do
you think should’ve made it? Feel free to leave
your comments below!

Top 10 Boxers of All Time

  1. Muhammad Ali
  2. Joe Louis
  3. Manny Pacquiao
  4. Sugar Ray Robinson
  5. Mike Tyson
  6. Roberto Duran
  7. Joe Frazier
  8. Bernard Hopkins
  9. Julio Cesar Chavez
  10. Willie Pep

Source : Wonder List

Lady JayDee Amtaja Vanessa Mdee Kama Mrithi Wake


Mkongwe wa muziki wa kizazi kipya nchini Tanzania, Lady Jay Dee, amemtaja msanii Vanessa Mdee kuwa ndiye anayeweza kuwa mrithi wake endapo yeye atafutika katika ulingo wa bongo fleva.
Mkali huyo ambaye kwa sasa anatamba na ngoma yake mpya inayokwenda kwa jina la ‘I miss you’, amesema anamkubali kazi za Vanessa, na kwamba anamuona ndiye msanii pekee mwenye utulivu, mipango na uwezo wa kuendelea kunyakua tuzo nyingi nje ya Tanzania.
Katika hatua nyingine mkali huyo wa hits kadhaa kama vile Ndindindi, Rosella, Sawa na wao n.k, ni kama amemrejesha kwenye game msanii Domokaya ambaye amepotea kwa muda mrefu kwenye anga ya muziki.
Domokaya aliyetamba miaka ya nyuma akiwa na Man Dojo, ameshiriki kwenye kuiandika ngoma hiyo ya Lady Jay Dee.
Je, wewe unaonaje, Vanessa ana uwezo wa kuwa kama Jay Dee?

Shocking! Alsatian Dog Arrested For Alleged Robbery In Lagos


An Alsatian dog named Bullet has been arrested by the Operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Lagos State Police Command, for allegedly robbing in Ladipo, Oshodi area of the state, Punch reports.
The state Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, during a parade of the dog at the command headquarters in Ikeja on Thursday, said two other robbery suspects, Odunade Olajide and Adeniyi Adisa, sent the dog after their victims.
He explained that in fear, their targets would surrender their belongings.
The CP said after dispossessing the victims of cash and other valuables, the suspects would speed away with the dog on a motorcycle.
He said the men, however, met their Waterloo while attempting to rob a lady of her valuables in Ladipo, as the victim raised the alarm and the suspects were apprehended by the police.
Imohimi noted that their operational motorcycle was also recovered.
He said,
“On September 5, 2017, two local criminals, who specialised in robbing people by sending a dog to attack them, were arrested. The suspects would command the Alsatian dog to attack a victim. The dog, in response to the command, would pounce on the person. Gripped with fear, the person would hand over all his belonging to the gang.”
The CP explained that detectives had been on the trail of the suspects, but luck ran out on them last Thursday when they were arrested.
But the suspects denied the allegations, saying they had only gone to buy dog food when the woman raised a false alarm.
Olajide said the woman eventually found her phone where she kept it, adding that by then it was late as SARS operatives had arrested them.

Source : Ayola Tv

Expect A Collabo Soon From Khaligraph Jones And Tecno


So recently Tekno Miles was in Kenya and was bashed heavily for poor perfomance.Despite a 28 minute show,The Pana hitmaker killed it.

So the OG himself has said it openly he will work with Tekno.This is what the Mazishi hitmaker had to say.
“Wasee wanacomplain Ati Show ya Tekno ilikuwa chini keep those complains to yourself, akisema anakuja next month tena si ati mtakosa kulipia ata double of what you did. as long as anazidi kutoa hits itabidi mumetii, dont hate the player, Hate the game, pia Tekno ANATAKA IYO DOH NIGGA.. Start Appreciating your own. KHALIGRAPH JONES FT TEKNO COMING SOON #RespectTheOgs”- Papa Jones.

Meanwhile ‘ Their Father ‘ is working on a collabo woth Roma and Stamina.

Remember Jones is featured at Coke Studio 2017.

Shocking Secret Why Men Cheat


Ladies, you need to know that your man loved you more when you were dating that’s why he proposed. So the only way to keep him is to remain that way, if it was a fake, Keep faking it until it becomes your habit.
When you become a mother, remember he also becomes a dad, you can keep them both loving you if define where each relationship is categorized. I understand you love your son but that should not be a reason for regrets, Unknowingly ladies you tent to forget that a dad loves as much as a mom, only that we both express our love in different ways and both ways are needed to make a great man or woman out of that child. We can go out a day or two and still have our lovely child.
The best technique is to keep up, i see ladies when they are single even they have children they will still dress to “kill”, go out, Have a lot of fun and sexual; satisfactions, and much more fun, Why do you act different when married? Remember just like Men should keep seducing their Ladies even after marriage, Ladies should keep attracting and seducing their men even after Marriage.

#VibeMtaani cc #MitegoEA

Nishachoka By Harmonize


Harmonize msanii wa Wcb Wasafi amefungua roho na kusema ya moyoni kuhusu mahusainao yake ya kimapenzi. Msanii huyo amekuwa akizungumzwa sana baada ya kumtema mpenzi wake ambaye pia ni msanii mwigizaji wa bongo movie, Jackline Wolper.


Mkali huyo wa ‘Niambie’ ameachia wimbo mpya kwa jina ‘Nishachoka ‘ huku akizungumzai maneno anayoyapata mitaani ya mwigizaji huyo, Wolper akitadai kuwa bado anampenda Harmonize wakati yupo na mrembo mwingine kutoka Italy.
Harmonize baada ya kuachana na kulichoka penzi la Wolper, aliwahi mrembo huyo wa Italy kwa jina Sarah na kwa sasa anadaiwa kuwa na ujauzito wa msanii huyo wa bongo fleva na huenda wakabarikiwa mtoto karibuni.

#VibeMtaani cc #MitegoEA

Ngeli Ni Ya Birthday


Paul Nunda alias Jua Cali is Celebrating his birthday  in style.

Several celebrities have splashed birthday wishes to #KingOfGenge.

Siku kama ya leo September 13, mwaka 1996 alifariki rapa maarufu duniani Tupac Amaru Shakur


Siku kama ya leo September 13, mwaka 1996 alifariki rapa maarufu duniani Tupac Amaru Shakur alipokuwa akitibiwa kwenye Hospitali ya Chuo cha tiba huko Nevada nchini Marekani ikiwa ni baada ya kupigwa risasi September 7 ya mwezi huo huo.

2 Pac alikuwa kwenye pambano la ngumi la Bruce Seldon Vs Mike Tyson na alienda kwenye pambano hilo na bos wa Death Row Records Suge Knight kwenye ukumbi wa MGM Grand mjini Las Vegas, Nevada.

#VibeMtaani cc #SammisagoNEWS

Mourinho Attacks His Players Over Basel Win


After beating Basel 3 goals to Nil,Jose Mourinho still insists that his boys were not serious.

“After leading 2 goals,we were playing just a play station game.”- Jose

Manchester united goals were scored by Marouane Fellaini , Romelu Lukaku na Marcus Rashford.