P-Unit Speaks About Their Future

Kare by P-Unit featuring Mimmo is still my favourite jam from the boy band. It used to play almost everywhere in the hood when it was released in 2010.

P Unit songs mostly are club bangers and at one time their morals were questioned. Wagenge Hao grown with an upward trajectory with time. Releasing hit after hit and doing two albums . At one given time Simba,Diamond Platnumz curtain raised for them. This shows how they were on top of their game.

During an interview with Selly Kadot Amubati of Mambo Mseto,Gabu disclosed the group future plans. Now that they don’t release songs often as a group.

Bugubugu made it clear that as a group, they will be dropping two projects annually. Though they are buddies, they will be concentrating on growing their personal brands.