Otile Brown has just released a new jam called Zichune and the video of the jam features him in a rather peculiar haircut… A mohawk. I actually wonder when he got the do done because I never did get to see him rocking it beyond this set.

But that is not what this is all about. The RnB jam features a guest artist by the name Jovial, a Tanzanian songstress.

In the song, Otile is trying to convince a young lady in cornrows that his love is pure and he has everything needed to make her life comfortable.

The Jovial, on the other hand, asks him to stop trying to confuse her because she knows Otile just wants to “tap it”.

It is a rather hilarious take on relationships of the day as Otile Brown thinks he is the player while all along, the ladies he is hitting on, Jovial being one of them, is using him and other men for money without having to put out.

The video closes with different ladies from the village coming out to confront Otile Brown for his philandering ways.

Shot in Zanzibar, the video has that feel of a village lothario getting his comeuppance and I detest the depiction of the scenes in the video, us playaz get away with it all!

Check out the jam below:

Watch “OTILE BROWN FT JOVIAL – ZICHUNE (OFFICIAL VIDEO) sms skiza 7301072 to 811” on YouTube