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Ever had that Kenyan musicians lack content or creativity? What of Kenyan artists being lazy? This is all the bad negativity that is cooked out here and not supporting our own.

nyimbo mpya download

Dusuma hitmaker is calling for respect towards Kenyan artists. Stating that they do everything for themselves and hence shouldn’t be compared to the say called ‘big artists.’

Our growth has to be slow and gradual coz we are always doing it all by ourselves,no label,no investors and remember we ain’t from rich families

Adding that the little they get has to be split to pay bills and also reinvest back to the music business.

If you are an upcoming artist then you better be ready for disappointments out here. Unless you work hard or have a godfather. The In Love singer has touched on how the government and media have failed to support the entertainment industry. In the other end you are likely to meet selfish promoters who harvest where they have not planted. Giving an instance where a corperate brand takes upto 70% of all revenues generated from an artist’s project on their projects. Such scenarios are in ring back tones. They are the type of people who milk artist’s effort and leave them with empty pockets. Big name not matching with the pay.

The above reasons are enough to justify why Otile Brown likes to stay indoors and enjoy his glass of wine. Preferring to watch a movie than hangout and set standards with alcohol and women.

Before y’all speak,always know that we’re doing it by our selves and those,who you think are better than us “wamebebwa.” What they think about is how to grow in their music coz everything is sorted.

Otile concludes his online post that he is okay with his slow and gradual growth. People should stop saying they aren’t trying enough.