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In some cases,most artists especially international ones,have been associated with Bhang. It is said that they use the herb to be high and perfect their craft.

Nyimbo mpya

I dont know if you have ever visited some live performance or shows and wonder if an artist is normal or under some influence? Some artists have that much energy till you pose a question if that is real energy or what!

Octopizzo recently on a Mambo Mseto confessed to the controversial bill that Bhang should be legalized in Kenya. Asked if he knows the dangers the herb can do to someone, in a sarcastic answer he said even Ugali has side effects.

In the past Octopizzo had posted him smoking something similar to bhang and it wasn’t a cigarette. Smoking bhang in Kenya is illegal. Inhaling a single puff can stay in your system for around 7years.