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Nyashinski,Your Time Is Nearly Over,Cheza Chini


“we ni mgeni siku ya kwanza tunakupenda,uki-kaka tutachoka na-wewe hivo ndo kuenda.”

Any maniac has his/her dead line.So Nyash lost the MTN award to Davido.It was a fact he had to lose the award.As the word had it,the guy is a snob.

Apparently  Nyashinski was liked back then 2006 during kleoptomaniax era.Now Collo is a born again fellow who dances to secular tunes and the other guy,Roba is busy uploading captioned tbt pictures on IG.

Who is the King in Kenya music scene? Did Nyashinski went abroad for no particular reason? While there we missed him just as we do miss Flexx .Flexx its now time you come back to Kenya from Sweden.Genge needs your input.The likes of Jimw@t went hard on drugs,Mejja joined some spoiled boy band,Nonini plays rugby and beefing with Bob Mapesa but ,atleast Jua Cali is there.Still he needs challenge.

Fast Foward »»»»» 10 years down the line you were away and now here we are. We have not yet decided who is the king between tripple men.Rabbit Kaka Sungura,Khaligraph Jones and Juliani.

But lets reason here,was Nyashinki on further studies abroad or was he arrested. Damn! the guy was not even on social media. Now we know that you were not on drugs but what really happened?

Mungu Pekee was a  hit for you.This also raised your estemeed.A lyric video hitting a milli views? This is the love Kenyans show to their own.The first artist to drop a double hit once? Malaika was a good tune. It got ladies like awwh nyash.And just like that we fast forgot about it.Aminia mmmmh it gave some less hope to upraising artists.

Nyashinski now its alledged you asked one million Kenya Shillings to attend a local interview.Man this is way beyond.After all that the Kenyans have done,is that what you can do to them ? Who wins after your interview?

Many guys are complaining that you are a stressful guy even to work with. Maybe thats why its easy for you to work with Ay or Yemi Alade and not any Kenyan artist. Does it harm to work with our own? Before you throw those stones to this site,we acknowledge a song that made us know you wete around.The collabo,sometimes ft Nameless.

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