Mzazi Willy M Tuva Advice To Parents


Mzazi Willy M Tuva is East Africa most decorated On Air Personality. He has made a name for himself by hosting Mambo Mseto on Citizen Radio and Mseto becoming a big brand in East Africa.

The multi talented presenter used his family as an example to advice other parents on how to raise their kids. For starters, Mzazi Tuva has two kids, a girl Tanya and a boy Tinya. The choice for their names will be on the following article.

The father of two starts by Tanya who has the artistic genes like him.

“My daughter Tanya is like me she can host,she can present. Tanya is also an artist like me.” And he also add that Tanya sings. She must be the one to take on the headphones after her dad.

As they say,like father like son or is it like son like dad? Wherever!

“My son Tinya is also an artist and he is very bright. He likes to read,investigate and listen but has no interest in music or presenting.”

Tuva goes on to share how his dad supported his dreams to became who he is today. This motivates him and promises to do the same to his kids. Supporting his two kids to chase their dreams is his responsibility.

Mzazi Willy M Tuva children
Tinya and Tanya

“I will support my children in whatever path they choose to take. I want my children to chase their dreams like I did.My dad saw me drawing in the sand and bought me a drawing board so if I see something in my children I just help.”

As a parent,you should support your children fully or by your own means. Not everyone can propel in class,thanks to our new curriculum. Talent can take you places,check the likes of Mariga and Origi.

Mzazi Willy M Tuva children
Tanya,Melody Sinzore & Tinya

“So if you are a parent,nature your children’s talent. It could be everything. They may not grow up to be a doctor or a pilot,it could be their God-given talent that will save them.”

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