Mr.Seed Kenya

Well 2019 has started on a very high note. Things are really moving at a high speed in Kenyan Music industry .

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Mr.Seed who has been friends with Bahati for a long period time,has decided to quit EMB record label owned by Bahati.

Bahati & Mr.Seed
Bahati & Mr.Seed

This comes two years down the line working under Bahati label. Mr.Seed on his Instagram page,he posted reasons why he decided to go solo. Paving way for young artists to be mentored by Bahati label is the main reason.

After 2 SUCCESSFUL YEARS being signed under EMB records i have
FINALLY DECIDED to go INDEPENDENT and be MY OWN ARTIST for the sole purpose of paving way for other YOUNG AND COMING ARTISTS that BAHATI has been taking in that needs more the platform and support that EMB have offered to me and can offer,i also in return would like to NURTURE OTHER UPCOMING ARTISTS for it has been a
DREAM FOR TOO LONG NOW to do something about the TALENTED
YOUNG ARTISTS that need that just one push to realize their dream…ME and BAHATI still remain BROTHERS and ill always wish him the VERY BEST IN EVERYTHING HE DOES. if there will be other STORIES that will RISE UP I will address them to everyone coz am already getting words on the streets that are not pleasing to my ears ..anyways WE START YEAR 2019 ON A HIGH NOTE,this year we make more MOVES and WIN MORE SOULS…continue watching the space and continue supporting me as I push this GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST .. 2019 IS MY TIME!! #STARBORNEMPIRE

Right now EMB records is dealing with Rebecca Socki and David Wonder.

I wish Mr.Seed all the best as he goes to win more souls for Christ.