Moji Shortbaba Remembers Kelele Takatifu And Their Hit Ngori

Moji shortbaba

Kelele Takatifu is no more and might not have a reunion soon. This is after Didi Man and Moji Shortbaba decided to go different ways. They promised a onr year break but, that never happened. Once a group takes a break and everyone going solo,a reunion is the hardest part.

What many don’t know is that Kelele Takatifu duo were initially rappers. They used to rap way back in high school.

Moji shortbaba

After rapping few song, Kelele Takatifu decided to try something new. They made Ngori that was a national anthem. Ngori was a huge success that made them shift from rapping. Since then they are singers.

Many artistes have made it in the industry after ditching rapping style to singing. Talk about 2baba,Diamond Platnumz and Jaguar just to name a few.