I happen to know Grace Moko a while back. She is a young lady with unrivalled ambitions in life. While in the current days most young and promising ladies indulge themselves in vices to make a living,for Grace it’s not the case. She makes major bold moves to make ends meet.

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As a Tv media personality,the 25 years old has managed to make positive steps in her life than most of her peers. During her last year in campus (2016), its when her passion in media grew even more. In my previous article,i highlighted the importance of turning your passion to a reliable source of income,Grace Moko has already done so.

Grace Moko Company Ltd

Grace Moko


Grace has done a number of things while setting her eyes up in her career ladder. You have to be smart out here to land a job nowadays since competition is so high. What do you bring on the table incase you are given that opportunity? She landed her first job in the then just launched Tv,Kyieni Tv where she was hosting a business show,Biashara Plus in 2016.

Grace Moko

Grace Moko

Hosting a business show in Kyeni Tv did much to her personality. Currently she is working on her reality show that will soon be gracing your screens.

As if that is not enough for the young entrepreneur,she is introducing her own brand in the market. This is quite impressive move.

Seven Blaze Energy Drink Ambassador,Grace Moko

Seven Blaze Energy Drink Ambassador,Grace Moko

Grace Moko has also done a number of endorsements. During 2017/2018 she was the official brand ambassador of Seven Blaze,an energy drink.

Also she landed a deal with Nivea and did some endorsements with them.

Nivea Ambassador,Grace Moko

Grace Moko

If not on Tv or selling her brand,Grace is a creative writer


For Grace Moko,the sky is not the limit either. She is being street smart and is the real definition of Beauty with Brains.