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Making it big in our Kenyan Industry is something that you need to play your cards very well. For instance in the recent past before the new wave of Gengetone,the mainstream media never supported the local content fully! Was it because of lack of adequate content or just a matter of personal preferences?

nyimbo mpya download

Today we highlight Choxxy Blain from Busia. Weuh Kenya is that big that we scout different artists from very far. As for Vibe Mtaani,we reach and support pure talent whenever we spot one. Chaka Basil is a 21 years old boy and got something for our industry. Talent knows no boundary since the talented Choxxy Blain

Just like many artists who have made it big in the music industry,Choxxy Blain has faced many challenges. For instance, in 2016 he was denied a chance to record in one of the recording studios in Busia,Cleo Records. Due to passion and inner toughness, he couldn’t stop nor allow to get pinned down with that negative vibe. What’s funny is that the said record denied the talented from Busia a chance yo showcase his talented because for them they only rocord for big artists. Who does that? Especially for talents from where you work and represent huh?

After Cleo Records incident, Choxxy went on to record his first song,Temple in 2017. The performing artist has so far gone ahead to release some big tunes.

I still believe much is ahead of Choxxy whose real name is Chaka Basil and much is needed to be done. This is the one thing that keeps him going.

I do music with a lot of passion and not fashion. So I thank God for bestowing me with music talent and the undying support from my growing fan base.

The journey is long for the young guy who started music in 2013 but,with positive vibe ahead,no rock is hard to crack for him.

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