Lets talk about Mbosso and his stay at Wasafi Records. You see things have been rough at Wasafi in recent days. As for Mbosso,his management team has been facing ups and downs.

Rich Mavoko left and Harmonize followed. Who’s next? Rayvanny and Mbosso are the biggest artists in the label not forgetting about Lava Lava and Queen Darleen.

Mbosso has disclosed that before Wasafi picked him, nobody believed in him. But afterwards, Wasafi has made many to believe in Mbosso.

Watu hawaelewi tu, ngoja niwape siri! Katika kipindi ambacho WCB inanichukua, kulikuwa hakuna mtu anayenihitaji yaani hakuna mtu aliyekuwa anaamini ndani ya Mbosso, WCB ikanichukua na kufanya asilimia kubwa ya watu kuniamini.

mboso wcb
mboso wcb

Just for those who might forget,Mbosso was a member of the boy band Yamoto Band that comprised of four boys. After the group broke,Mbosso had no future and went back home.